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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

We Eat Wednesday: Milk and cookie ice cubes

*This has been shared on several sites so I am not aware of the original owner. I found this on Pinterest*

If you are looking for a fun or different flavour for your drinks, this is a great idea. Being kid friendly it's a great thing for kids to make too. 

We have tried this and the kids loved it in their hot chocolate. I'll be honest, i was more than happy adding a couple to mine too. 

Can be made using any flavour of biscuits and is a fantastically frugal way to use up milk which is getting close to its use by date. 

Simply crush up your favourite biscuit, put into an ice cube tray and top with milk. Pop in the freezer and freeze them. You could easily pop the frozen cubes into a tub or a ziplock bag too. 

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