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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

#SMPBehindTheBlog- Get to know the mummy behind Saving Mummy's Pennies

I have a confession, my guilty little secret. Have you seen those little notes that go around facebook, the A -Z of questions, what is your favourite etc? I like to do them and like to read other peoples responses. I was recently tagged in a 20 questions post which i found quite interesting. 

I thought it would be fun to share the responses.  

1. What is your middle name?
Ann - i share the middle name with my mum and my eldest daughter.

2. What is the first 6 songs on your ipod when put on shuffle? 

Runrig - Protect and survive, 
Aerosmith - Blind man 
Phil Collins - You cant hurry love 
Eagle - Eye Cherry - Save tonight 
Go West - King of wishful thinking
Ultravox - Loves great adventure. 
I have a varied taste in music it seems :D

3. Do you have any siblings? 
Yes a sister and 2 brothers. I am the oldest. 

4. What is your current age? 


5. How do you start your day? 

2 cups of tea and music.

6. Name one thing in life you regret and one thing you are proud of? (Kids do not count)

Regret - Not going to university when i had the chance to.

Proud moment - Leaving my ex.

7. What is 3 things that nobody else  other than family knows about you? 

1 - I am a huge geek. I play World of Warcraft sometimes and love gadgets.
2 - I am a huge tomboy. I have no clue how to apply make up, style my hair or dress to coordinate.
3 - I cant stand the term `my prince/ princess' or furbabies! They make me cringe.

8. What are your favorite hobbies? 

Knitting and crochet. Have never successfully finished a project though as my mind wanders to a new one.

9. Name one thing you struggle to do and one thing that you do well

I struggle with time management, especially with blogging and housework. I am a very good procrastinator though :)

10. The weather is gorgeous, why are you not out with friends? 

I have one person that i would call a friend. Shes currently sitting at home down at the bottom of the country most likely either having a nap spending time with her ikkle baby. Either that or you can find her over at Mum, Thats Me! If i could nip in and have a tea with her i would, we would have a blast!

So that's 10 random questions about me. Id love to see your responses. If you want to share your responses with me, leave a little comment or use the hashtag #SMPBehindTheBlog on twitter and ill come give you a RT. 

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