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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Meet Max - The newest member of the Saving Mummy's Pennies Household!

You are all aware that i went MIA for a few months. Ill explain more in other posts but it it has been a busy time. One of the reasons were this little bundle of fluff! 

We were given the opportunity to adopt Max, a very energetic orange roan working cocker spaniel. It has been 6 months since we adopted him so i thought id do a quick meet max post. 

Here's Max

I could fill an entire blog about max! There is so much to say about him. This bundle of fluff arrived with us at 8 weeks old, the size of a small dinner plate. He was nervous as expected but bounced off walls when he had settled in. 

By 18 weeks, you can see he likes the sofa. He does not like to be alone and prefers to be curled up with one of us We were concerned that he was crossed with another breed because it took a while for the cocker features to become very noticeable and there was a possibility he was deaf. Thankfully this has been proven to be untrue. Max hears the rustle of a food bag from down the bottom of the road! 

Max is a true cocker spaniel. He is eager to please and very easy to train but he has a stubborn streak. He has now hit that teenage phase where he is pushing boundaries and trying to be top dog! For the most part he knows his place and we have found most training barring house training to be easy. He is however still a little bitey where his adult teeth are starting to come through. He has his little excited bum wiggle down to a tea and is ready to greet every passer by with a tail wag and a lick of the hand. 

6 months on, he is nowhere near ready to be off the lead. He NEEDS 3 long walks a day or he is an absolute nightmare at home! Even with the 3 long walks he still has endless amounts of energy and will want to play all the time. I personally like that in a dog. He wants to be involved and we are more than happy to do so. Unlike other cocker spaniels i have had the pleasure of knowing, he is a fantastic guard dog. He will bark and growl at the door if something is strange (like recently when a teenager felt it was ok to try open our back gate) and is very protective of us all at night. 

I am sure i will be writing alot about Max in the future so it felt fitting to give a little hello to him beforehand :)

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