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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Here's a surprise... I started Avon!

Anyone who knows me has probably heard e say that i would never do one of these work from home jobs! Well i bit the bullet and i signed up to Avon.  

Recently we have hit a bad patch financially, hubby is on reduced pay and i needed to find something to do which would pay the rent each month. My sister who is an Avon Representative suggested trying Avon myself to see if it could help things at home. 

It was not just the financial side of it that i signed up. I have 2 girls who do not understand the value of money. They believe the magical money tree appears each night and drops me £100 so that they can have the things they have and the roof over their head. I didn't want them growing up with this attitude and needed to find a way to set the idea, that the tree does not exist and it is through hard work that we have what we have. As well as this being a long term sufferer of social anxiety i have become aware how much me being a hermit is effecting my children. In order to kick this in the butt i need to get out there, meet new people and show my children that it is not scary and making friends is possible. 

I wont be using this blog nor any of part of social media connected to saving mummy's pennies to spam you all (or anyone) as that is one part of these work from home jobs i do NOT agree with at all. 

I am a firm believer that spamming is not needed to sell products. I like Avon make up, i have used it for a long time since joining as a rep and am sure we all know at least one person who likes Avon and can vouch for the company. The products should speak for themselves otherwise they are obviously not very good in the first place! 

I will however in the next few days be opening a page to advertise on Facebook and would love if you could all stop by and give me a like or a comment. Or even let me know what your favorite Avon products are so i can build up an idea of what people like and do not like. 

Once all set up ill run a little competition too just to say thank you for the support. 

If you would like to take a little look around (no pressure, would just appreciate some feedback) i have an online store you can browse and an online catalogue you can look at. 

Click the pictures to come visit me

You can also find me over on Facebook (where i will do all my spamming :D) 

Thank you for looking. I really appreciate the positivity and support x

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