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Friday, 10 June 2016

Frugal Friday: Save money on spices

I've recently started to experiment more with flavours. I am usually quite a plain eater, preferring to eat food as natural as possible and only using a select few herbs to flavour my meals. The reason I became like this as I couldn't afford to buy spices to use just for one recipe and then leave them in the cupboard to be forgotten about. 

When we were packing up the kitchen I can across 6... Yes 6! Jars of turmeric. All barely used. I decided I wouldn't do this again and went looking for ways to remind myself that I have these spices already in the house. I come across this idea while looking for spice racks. I can't say we eat slot of tic tacs but as they are cheap as chips from pound shops, they might work out a better idea. 

Supermarkets sell much larger packets of spices in the world food aisles, or if you are lucky enough, you can bulk buy from ethnic shops that might be nearby. Just keep the bags of spices somewhere handy (like all in one tub on the top shelf) and refil the tic tac tubs as needed. 

If I manage to get enough spices together I plan on labelling the tops of the tubs rather than the side and reusing an old tub that I can hang on the wall and slot these into. I can see exactly what I have and all I have to remember is too look in my spice tub when I do a monthly stock take on food. 

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