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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Week 2: Feeding a family of 4, for 6 weeks - £170! Plus recipes.

As promised, here is part 2 of my 6 week meal plan. 

If you would like to see what i done on week 1 you can check out my post by clicking here 

Week 2 is pretty similar. As mentioned in week 1, i'm using a 3 week rotation, so some of these meals will be batch cooked for use in weeks 4, 5 or 6. 

This post includes, week 2's meal plan and recipes. Week 3 will be live on Friday and the shopping list and some meal planning tips will be live on 31st Jan. 

Week 2

Batch cooked meals for weeks 4, 5 or 6

Shepard's pie
Vegetable curry
Spinach and mushroom lasagne
Feta stuffed meatballs
Curried lentil loaf

Recipes for week 2

Chocolate cookie recipe 

There is lots and lots of recipes for these on google so i haven't made a card for them. I will at some point but i feel for this post it is better that people use a recipe they are comfortable with. I have 3 that i use regularly depending on the ingredients i have in the house at the time. Clicking the links will take you direct to the site i use, for the recipe. 

Simply add large chunks of veg into this curry sauce to make a vegetable curry. Both the sauce alone and the curry with veg can be frozen, so go ahead and make a large enough portion to freeze for another meal. 

This serves around 6 small cereal bowl sized portions. Can add extra amounts to make a bigger batch. Will keep for around 10 days in an airtight container.

This is a tried and tested recipe. One that my kids love to eat. Can easily make double the size (or portion) to freeze for another dinner. 

Using about 6 meatballs per person, this would leave us with 12 leftover (assuming the kids didn't ask for seconds) In order to make this stretch another 4 portions, i cut the meatballs in half to allow for another dinner later in the month. 

The courgette spaghetti is made using a spiralizer. If you dont own one of these i recommend looking at them. Being on a low GI diet, pasta is not to good for me to eat regularly like i normally do. By spiralizing veg i still feel like i am eating spaghetti - visually. Plus i am eating extra vegetables. 

The curried lentil loaf is an adaption of this recipe here (please note, ive put the number 3 twice, it is supposed to be numbers 3 & 4) This is another favourite in our house with regards to veggie meals and can be eaten hot or cold so is something the kids enjoy in their lunch boxes. Simply add curry powder, chilli flakes and other spices to give it that curried flavour. You can omit the cheese if you like but we personally like it with the curry flavour.  

So that it is for week 2. The rest of the meals are pretty basic that i am sure everyone has cooked before. Week 3 will be live on Friday followed by a shopping list and meal planning tips on Sunday. 

Are you wondering what bliss balls are? Keep your eyes peeled later for the recipe. 

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