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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

#WeEatWednesday: Bliss ball recipes

I've mentioned Bliss balls a couple of times in my Feeding a family of 4, for 6 weeks - £170 posts, I love how versatile they are, how yummy they are and how cheap they are to make.

They can be made in huge batches, frozen, stored in airtight containers in the fridge and are handy for healthy snacking, lunch boxes, parties or just as a treat.

So what are Bliss balls? 

In short they are just little balls of yummy food! As they do contain fruit and nuts, you should limit the amount you eat if following a sugar or carb watching diet but they are however a great way of adding fruit into your diet. They tend to be mostly raw ingredients and many are gluten/dairy free and suitable for vegans. Do click through to see if they suit your specific diet though. 

I haven't made recipe cards for these as of yet because all the recipes have been found on the net and only 6 or so i have personally used. I think it is only fair the original maker is linked up. You can click through to them by clicking on the food titles for nutritional information.

I've not tried these one. I found them by chance when looking for a gluten free cake recipe online. They sound amazing though! Could be worth making as a valentines day sweet treat for just us adults?

Chocolate ganache truffles - Via Recipe Tin Eats 

These were made with Christmas in mind. I have made a variation of these, using chopped raspberries to avoid it being too chocolate heavy but i found them quite sickly. These are most definitely a treat to enjoy every now and again unless you a big chocolate fan.

Banana Bread energy balls - Via Every Last Bite

These are my sort of tastes. I adore cookie dough! Something about the smell and the taste just makes it moreish. These are no exception and take 10 mins to knock up. Plus being gluten and dairy free i can enjoy these without feeling guilty or upsetting my stomach. I like to make a bigger batch of these as this flavour combination, does not tend to hang around in the fridge for long :)

Strawberry ripe balls - Via Marinya Cottage Kitchen 

These are yummy. I've not made this version but ive made similar just by rolling mashed strawberries into balls and coating in desiccated coconut. I think ill try these though as mine were quite sloppy and hard to work with.

Raw Beetroot Bliss Balls - Via The Kitchen Maid 

For anyone who knows me, they will understand why i shudder at these. I detest beetroot and will refuse to eat anything that beetroot has touched! But mixed with chocolate, it is actually really nice. I have personally made these and only big K complained about them. Little K lapped them up and was happy to have them in her lunch box to take to school. Big hit in our house and a great way to hide veggies. 

Sweet Potato and Kale balls - Via Neurotic Mummy 

These are interesting. I come across these while googling for recipes so i could use up a bag of kale in the fridge. As i have all the ingredients at home, i think these would make a nice change from the fruity bliss balls i usually make. 

Pecan Pie Energy Bites - Via Gluten Free Vegan Pantry 

This isn't one i have personally tried as i am not a fan of pecans. Id imagine that any kind of nuts would work the same though and give roughly the same taste.

Apple pie & almond butter energy balls - Via Nutritionist in the kitchen 

These are the sort of bites i like to make. Apples are cheap and almond butter is something i use quite regularly at the moment so these work out cheap for me to make.

Chocolate Orange Bliss Balls - Via She Can't Eat What?!

Like this blogger, i love jaffa cakes and missed them alot when i was told i need to go gluten free and dairy free. While ive struggled with some aspects of the diet, i immediately cut out some of my favourites and switched some brands. I was pleased to have come across this recipe because unlike some of the other jaffa cake fake cakes ive made, these really do taste the most similar, Very easy to make and very cheap considering you can get the oranges in the reduced sections from time to time. I did use cocoa powder so these would be completely raw. 

Fig and Lime booster balls - Via The Jolly Beetroot 

I have made these! They really are a unique taste, one i wouldn't normally consider pairing. The kids are not a fan of lime or lemon so these are specifically for me. I keep them in the freezer for when i need one. Very cheap and could add chocolate to it or cacao if wanting a chocolate hit. 

Apricot Bliss Balls - Via The Jolly Beetroot 

Another one from the jolly beetroot that i have personally tried. I do like apricots, i use them alot in cooking and baking as a small amount can add that sweet taste. Little K adores these too so they are a popular choice when i make sweet treats. 

Carrot cake Paleo balls - Via  I Cook Free

I have not made these yet, but i am kicking myself for not trying too! I love carrot cake, ive never been able to make it quite the same as one from a packet mix so i am keen to see if these taste the same.

Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bites - Via Gimme Some Oven 

Perfect little snacks around Christmas when cranberries are easy to get hold of. Could substitute the cranberry for another fruit if wanted as i think they would give a similar taste.

Goji Berry Bliss Balls - Via Emily Ehlers 

I've never eaten nor seen a Goji berry if i am completely honest so i am not sure if the berry could be substituted for something else. Id imagine it can, a berry is a berry :) However seeing these i am keen to try them, just so i can say i have. 

I like this flavour combination but some of the ingredients i never buy. I could try to substitute or leave them out but am unsure if this will effect the flavour. I suppose in the name of product testing, i could make several batches and see which one is best :) 

When it comes to bliss balls the possibility is endless. While most are aimed at vegan/gluten/dairy free or Paleo diets, they are suitable for everyone and can be adapted quite easily without the need to run out and buy vegan choice ingredients. 

Does anyone else make Bliss Balls? Id love some new flavour combinations to try at home. 

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