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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Waitrose online deals: Saving money on your food shop.

Right after Christmas, i like many, many others, is poor! It is this time of year i look for the best deals food wise and try stock my cupboards up a little. 

While browsing for any bargains i might be able to find, an advert popped up directing me to Waitrose.com. This isn't a shop i usually go to. It is a shop i have always assumed was more upmarket and above what i could afford. Having a browse though, i found they have a large range of products in various budgets, much like other supermarkets do. It was while browsing that i saw an advert, offering money off my shop. 

However unlike other supermarkets, Waitrose scored extra brownie points with me by offering money off a further 4 shops. Other supermarkets, take note! 

As it turned out, i went through the process of registering to find out at the end, that they do not in fact deliver to me. But i could go pick it up if i wanted to.... This i found irritating. I checked firstly to see if they delivered to my address, using the box provided at the side of the home page. I was automatically redirected to a page to sign up, so i assumed that this meant that everything was ok. It was only when i went to book a delivery, it popped up to tell me that they didn't deliver to my area. 

For those who are lucky enough and want to save some money, you can get a quite nice £70 off your shopping over 5 shops. The downside is that you must spend a minimum of £100 each shop, in order to qualify. 

The codes are as follows: 

£20 off your first order - minimum spend £100. Use code AQ4H20

£20 off your second order - minimum spend £100. Use code NQ4J2

£10 off your 3rd order - Minimum spend £100. Use codNQ4J3 

£10 off your 3rd order - Minimum spend £100. Use code NQ4J4

£10 off your 3rd order - Minimum spend £100. Use code NQ4J5

Your first order must be delivered by 31st Jan 2016 and all orders need to be delivered by 20th March 2016 in order to qualify for money off. 

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