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Friday, 8 January 2016

Stop paying to see your credit report. Try this for free

Since working on my debts, ive been keeping an eye on my credit score. Its not gone up much but it is nice to see it when it does. 

I used to pay Experian £15 a month, as they were recommended as the best credit report checker. Then it struck me that i was trying to save money, and paying someone that amount of money for something as simple as a credit report, seemed ridiculous. At the time step change were dealing with my debts and when i told my adviser that £15 a month was being spent on Experian, she said the same thing i am saying now.... Why? I told her i wanted to keep reviewing it, it made me feel in control of my finances as well as being pleased and giving me a boost when i saw the figure go up. That is when she advised me to cancel Experian and sign up for Noddle, 

Noddle is a free for life way to check your credit report and score. Now dont me wrong, Experian has a couple of things which Noddle do not offer but after cancelling and switching, i can honestly say, i personally do not miss them. 

You can check who has viewed your credit report or done a check on you, look at old and current debts and any public information such as CCJ's. 

Signing up is simple and once a month you receive an email letting you know that an updated report is available to read. 

If you are looking to just read your score and keep tabs on your credit rating, then Noddle may be worth a try. £15 a month saving, while small, adds up and is better in your pocket than someone else. Otherwise sign up for a month and compare the two, and see what one works best for your needs. 


  1. I love Noddle, but I think it's one of those sites not enough people know about. We can't view our mortgage online, we just get one yearly statement and Noddle is the only way I can check the monthly balance, so I love it! x

    1. Agreed :) I like how easy it is, and how updated i am regarding my file. :)




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