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Friday, 25 December 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 53: Free Lego gift box template

One thing i do try to do when giving gifts is to give them in unique gift boxes or bags. I know my hubby likes Lego and star wars and anything geeky. My daughter likes my little pony and my eldest likes her crafts. I think it makes a cheap looking gift more unique and personal to stick items in a handmade box, specifically made with them in mind. Plus it throws them off scent when they are having a root around trying to figure out the gift! 

I come across this gift box template via Lines Across when i was searching for homemade gift boxes and decided they would be perfect for the little Lego sets i had brought my husband for his birthday. 

Lines Across sells the smaller box templates which i shall be looking into purchasing next year for a family party. However a free template is available to download for the larger boxes. 

You can find the template and a very easy tutorial over at lines across. 

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