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Saturday, 19 December 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 48: Quick and frugal last minute gift.

I am one of those parents who never feels like they are giving enough. As i make alot of gifts for the adults, i am always coming across something i think is so perfect that i have to make it. This year is no exception. 

I logged into my second home (Pinterest) and this popped up! Yes you guessed it... Ill be making 8 of these to give away to family. 

There is no source to link back to so no tutorial but this thumb print Christmas tree looks simple enough to make out of salt dough with a cookie cutter. I would likely leave the wording out as  i am not sure how it will look if i free hand it, but i think it would look fantastic if using thumbprints from all of us to give different sizes and make it more personal. 

Click here for a salt dough recipe. 

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