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Saturday, 19 December 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 47: Snowman Soup

This has become a little bit of the norm for us to have on Christmas Eve. In the evening, to wind the kids down a little so they can sleep, we open one present - always our Christmas pyjamas, then have a bath and sit down to a Christmas movie, snuggled under the quilt with a cup of snowman soup. Afterwards we track Santa and then the kids go to bed, to read a book and try wind down a little more. 

Snowman soup has fast become popular with many people selling it for a couple of quid each. It makes a lovely Christmas treat but the frugal in me screams because it is so simple to make myself. I wouldn't normally spend £8-£10 for us all on a drink so i wont for Christmas. It does however usually contain enough for 2 maybe 3 servings each.

Usually it comes in cones, with the marshmallows being easy to remove so they dont get mixed in right away. The idea of them is generally to just open the packet and put it all into a big mug. Add hot milk or water and give it a good stir with the provided candy cane. 

I saw this packet of snowman soup over at Glorious Treats which caught my eye as it comes with a lovely printable which is free. 

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