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Sunday, 29 November 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 40 - 5 Unique homemade tree toppers

I take great pride in my Christmas tree, its a focal point of the room around the holiday so i spend more hours than i should planning how i want it to look. I have a huge box of different coloured tinsel, baubles and other tree decorations as well as salt dough decorations which survived from the following year. In short i have enough to fill a small pound shop sitting in my loft! 

One thing i do like to focus my time on is the tree topper. This year i have settled on a blue, white and silver theme and decided that the tree topper will be made using ribbon and mini baubles. While browsing i come across lots of handmade toppers which i thought were unique. 

Here is 5 of my favorites. Pop over to the original site to see any tutorials or tips. 

It appears this style of tipper is quite a popular design. It is most certainly unique and so easy and cheap to make. 

Midwest girl in LA has taken the Martha Stewart paper plate angel table decoration and turning it into a tree topper. Up until now i hadn't see the Martha Stewart post but ill be honest i like the tree topper idea better. As it is plain it could be doubled into a kids craft to keep the kids occupied for an hour and have something to put on top of the tree as an item the family have made, I might even download the template myself and make mini versions to hang on the tree as cheap decorations. 

This is my favorite and fits in lovely with my blue white and silver theme. I always have pipe cleaners available as the kids like to make bits and pieces with them throughout the year. I have already brought the items to make a tree topper out of ribbon so have decided that i shall be adding some mini starbursts to my tree decorations :) 

This is adorable! and such a fantastic way to use up my horde of baubles. In fact the whole tree is gorgeous and has given me food for thought when it comes to my own tree. Scroll through the post to see how she used baubles to make her tree topper. 

I do love crafts involving toilet paper tubes. I have at least 6 a week so any sort of craft involving them, makes the craft virtually free. This topper is cute as it is easily personalized to fit in with any colour scheme and really easy to make.

Do you have a favourite? What sort of style do you go for when you decorate your tree? 

Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.

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