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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 36 - Cheap gifts for the kids

A friend sent me a message to let me know she had received some bits for Christmas. Me being quite nosy was intrigued why she was so excited so had to take a look. 

Here is a few of the bits i brought. 

GearBest ship internationally and have a range of different items on their website. Most of it is discounted and the sales are good. Shipping is also free to the UK. 

Alot of the items i picked up are small bits and pieces but great for stocking fillers and a little different to the usual items i pick up. 

I couldn't resist these bird shaped toothbrush holders and the family sticker for the house either! And picked up a maths learning cube for little K too for just 65p. 

I picked up a few extra bits to give family members something small. The building block figures i thought were good value as they come in a range of characters so there is something to suit all of my geeky family :D 

As it is an international site, please be aware of the postage times. 

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