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Sunday, 29 November 2015

#HughRiceChristmas - My Hugh Rice Christmas Wishlist

As a everyday, normal woman, i love jewellery. Its something my hubby rarely buys me on his own because i can be quite fussy with what i like to wear and often tend to pick out jewellery which suits my mood as opposed to what suits my outfit. 

As usual the Mr asked me to look around for a nice bit of jewellery and while browsing online at Hugh Rice, i spotted a competition asking bloggers to show them our wishlists and knew i had to get involved. Maybe it will give some of you ladies and gents a few ideas for your own gifts. 

Here is my #HughRiceChristmas Wishlist. 

When me and the Mr first got engaged, money was tight. My engagement ring is a £10 Celtic band from Argos that i adored then and still adore now. Earlier this year we decided that we would look into buying an eternity ring to sit with my my other rings and being a long time fan of Pandora, it was always going to be a Pandora ring. We have yet to get round to purchasing one and its doubtful we will for quite a few months to come, but this beauty is definitely my first choice if i ever get the chance. It is simple yet stunning and will not leave my husbands wallet crying with a £129 price tag! 

I know what you are thinking... more Pandora! I cant help it. Those who know me, know i ask for a new charm every year. I have an everyday bracelet and a sentimental bracelet. One contains charms which are personal to me and the other hold memories - one for each of my children, my 30th. That sits in its box and only comes out for special occasions (or to put a new charm on). I love the look of this ball of hearts. It would be a charm i stick on my every day bracelet. 

I like abit of sparkle just like the next woman does. My husband takes a different approach to jewellery buying and chooses plain, yet beautifully simplistic items, which i do love but i also like pieces which look more expensive than they are without the huge price tag. I love this Swarovski piece as it is sparkly and simplistic meaning i could wear it for a range of occasions and it would look fantastic whatever i am wearing. At just £79, id have a little left over in his budget to buy myself some earrings and complete the look :) 

I could spend hours browsing but this is my top three items on this years wish list. 

What would you choose? Why not pop over to Hugh Rice and see what you could add to your wish list this Christmas. 

This post is an entry into the #HughRiceChristmas Competition by Hugh Rice, all opinions are my own. You can find more details and how to enter here 

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