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Monday, 19 October 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 30 - 10 easy Christmas crafts for kids

The build up to Christmas is exciting for most kids, especially younger ones. When school breaks up i always liked to try keep the Christmas excitement up for them and stop them getting bored. 

Here is 10 really easy and cheap crafts to keep the kids busy and keep costs down.

We all store toilet roll tubes, or is that just me? :D Easy to make using what you have already to hand and would look great stringed up into bunting or on the tree. 

Pasta Wreath - Crafty Morning 

Nice easy craft, just soak some pasta bows in food colouring and glue onto some paper. Could make lots of different patterns. Maybe dye some pasta red and white and make a Santa beard. 

Shredded paper Snowman

I do not know where this picture originated from but its so cheap to make. If you have a shredder then take it from that otherwise tear up an old newspaper or magazine for free craft stuff. 

Paper Plate Christmas Tree - Creative Family Fun 

I always have lots of paper plates leftover from birthdays making this a free craft. If you do not have any pom poms, scrunch up some paper and dip them in paint or use old beads or buttons. 

Lolly stick Christmas Tree - Ginger Snap Crafts

These are not things i have in the house as the kids do not eat ice lollies. They are really cheap to buy though in packs from either craft shops or online. The buttons could if you are lucky, find them in bags in charity shops or you can buy bundles of mixed buttons one ebay. 

Hand print Tree 

I have had this photo on my computer for a while so not sure what site it has come from. Its easy enough to see what you need to do. A 99p tester pot of paint, some paper and some little hands willing to get messy, is all that's needed. Could put this onto a canvas to make a nice Christmas picture or a gift. 

Paper Chain Tree - Debbie's Resource Cupboard

I love this ideas as a wall feature. Green paper or card should be easy enough to get hold of otherwise some paper could be painted green and cut into strips.  

Fingerprint Christmas Tree - Crafty Morning

Egg Carton - Meaningful Mama

Egg cartons are something i do not have enough of anymore. As we buy the big packs of eggs they tend to come in plastic packaging. If you have any of the cardboard cartons laying around though, this is a free craft and would look good sitting on a shelf as a decoration. 

Personalized Christmas Print - House of Burke 

I LOVE this! It would make such a wonderful gift and look fantastic in a frame. 

Well that's 10 of my favourites. Do you spend any time crafting with your kids over the holidays? What are your favourites?


  1. I totally need to make that pasta bow wreath! I've never seen that one before, so simple but effective x

    1. Looks fab dont it :D Have to admit, i do love Crafty Morning's blog. Some fantastic seasonal crafts on there. Thinking of making a pasta wreath for halloween, just need to dig out the orange and black food colouring :D




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