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Monday, 12 October 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 23 - Find Bargains on Ebay

Did you see my post earlier on finding cheap items on Amazon? You can read it here 
Like Amazon, i love to snoop around on Ebay. Quite often spelling mistakes or overlooked items, remain cheap and some hidden gems can be sourced out. Using one of these sites i found a 3ds bundle that was almost brand new, for £35! Unfortunately it ran out before i got paid so couldn't buy it. 

Here is a list of sites you can use to track down some bargain Christmas gifts 

This is the site i use the most. Simply choose the country you wish to search, input the item you want to find and if it can find anything it will bring up the ebay link. FatFingers searches eBay for typos and spelling mistakes, items not listed properly so you can grab them at really low prices. 


Like FatFingers, Goofbid searches ebay for misspelled and hidden auctions. Its worth looking on here too in case Fatfingers misses some 

Last Minute Auction UK 

This is a nice site to use if you want to get a list of auctions ending very soon. It searches for auctions which end within the hour and are £1 or under. 


Another site which searches for misspelled and hidden auctions. 

Im sure if you google for sites like this, more will pop up. These are just a few i have used in the past and i find the most useful. 

Happy hunting :)

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