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Monday, 5 October 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 20 - Fun ways to count down Christmas

One of the most brought items during Christmas are advent calender's. I try to make one each year and put small toys or items in them instead of chocolate.

While browsing i come across several fun ways to build up the Christmas excitement which do not involve chocolate.

Here are some of my favourites.

I love this idea. Starting on day 1 of the advent, simply stick a cotton ball on to Santa's face. By the 24th day, you will have a full beard.

If you have a family of readers, this is a lovely count down to do. My kids used to love reading a book before bedtime. Now they are older, it is very much missed. Books can be new or second hand. I used to buy books for around 10p each in a charity shop. 

This is a great idea for kids to help with their fine motor skills. Plus it is cheap to make or possibly free if you have some red paper, card, or fabric, 

The original blog is foreign but its easy enough to work out what to do. 

I found this while browsing. I do not know where the idea is from but thought it looked like a great idea for younger children. It is made simply with felt and the piece stick onto the tree by using a little bit of Velcro stuck to the back. 

This is a little different to the normal advent ideas. Mother's Niche do charge a really reasonable price for the scrolls but does offer free blank printable's. As she mentions, it could easily be tied in with elf on a shelf or an advent countdown, 

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