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Friday, 2 October 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 17 - Make your own Christmas cake & Christmas pudding

Around the end of September, alot of people will begin making their own Christmas cakes. If making your own, they need time for the flavours to develop, making the taste much better than shop brought. I usually make my own if i have family round as i am not a fan of fruit cake but thought it may help someone to put the recipe on here. 

Most people will have their cake and pud completed by the end of October but traditionally stir up Sunday (the last Sunday before advent) is the time to start preparing your pudding. If you wish to stick with tradition. Stir up Sunday is the 22nd November this year. 

Here is a few different recipes for your to choose from. Have a google you may find some others. 

 Christmas Puddings

Christmas cake

I have 15+ people to cater for this Christmas so am in need of inspiration. When do you make your puddings? Do you have any tips passed down from your grandparents/parents?

Come say hi on my facebook page and share your creations and tips.

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