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Monday, 19 October 2015

#MakeItMonday: Make your own chalk for outdoor drawing.

When we lived in our flat, one of the things we enjoyed alot was the fact that we could draw all over our driveway and fence. When we moved into a private rented house this was impossible as we had no fence and were told off for drawing on the driveway. We made a hopscotch out of cardboard instead but it just wasn't the same. All the fun had been removed. 

We have recently moved again back into a house where we can draw freely on the driveway and the patio. The kids have great fun when its sunny, they dont look 13 and 9 when they are out there giggling. 

While browsing for garden ideas i come across this over at Playful Learning! Homemade Chalk!

I love it! It works so much better than shop brought chalk and its easy to make whatever colour or shade i want. I found the instructions really simple so had to share it. 

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