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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 8 - Thortons Bargains

If you are looking for some filler presents for Christmas, teachers, work colleagues, you really cant go wrong with Chocolate. 
Thortons have some offers on which may help a little with your Christmas budget. 

Offers include : 

Best buy for me in this section is the Classics Pudding Collection  Priced at £10, i would happily buy 3 of them, Making them 3 for 2 and meaning i am gaining a freebie! 

One to watch out for - Decadently Dark Chocolate Collection. It is a nice box of chocolates. However, it is currently on offer for £6, which makes the offer £2 more expensive if you brought 3.  

Best buy for me is the Snowman and the Santa. models. The kids love these so i always make sure i have one for each niece and nephew each Christmas. These are the larger ones and normally priced at £10. If you buy 5 of them you are making a £30 saving. 

One to watch for - Treacle Special Toffee Box. These are priced at £3 a box. Buying 5 would mean you are losing £5 on that offer. 

The small bags of chocolate make great stocking fillers. Priced at £3 each, you save £1 every 2 bags you buy. 

One to watch for - No Added Sugar Assortment Bag. This is currently reduced in price by 50%, making it £1.50 a bag. If you were to buy 2 you would be losing £2 on this deal. 

This is worth browsing just to see all the reduced price offers. Some great stocking fillers to be had in here. 

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