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Monday, 21 September 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 6: Decorate a mug for cheap gifts.

As a TA one of the best things i received was colourful mug, with a options sachet, a candy cane and a small bag of marshmallows in it. The parent knew me so well and to me it was the most thoughtful present anyone could get me. What made it even more lovely was that the child i had grown very find of, had decorated it herself. 

They are really simple to make, with the only upfront cost being the sharpies and the mugs. I made several for teachers and family last year for Christmas and plan on doing the same again this year. 

I heart arts n crafts has a fab tutorial on how to do it and how to set the artwork so that it does not smudge. Even though its a fathers day mug in this tutorial, i really like it and think the girls would love to make one for their dad for Christmas. 

Click here to go to the tutorial 

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