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Saturday, 19 September 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 4 - Cheap teacher gifts

I know not everyone buys then, i dont usually. I budget so much for Christmas that i just cant squeeze in any extra gifts. 

I come across these while doing a Morrisons shop. 

The 185g boxes of selected Cadbury boxes are currently on a offer of 2 for £2. Priced at £1.96 normally, it makes a second box just 4p! 

Limited to 4 per customer. Offer ends 22/09/2015

If you are looking for bigger boxes of Cadbury chocolates, Tesco has 331g cartons of Roses and Heros on offer at £2 a box. Saving £2 an item. 

Offer ends 29/09/2015 

Great excuse to grab a cheap teachers gift in advance or a cheap treat for yourself :) Ill be stocking up for their Christmas chocolates instead of buying a selection pack. 


  1. That's really great value - unfortunately, if I buy chocolate this early I can't guarantee I won't eat it! x

    1. I have to hide them lol and write down that ive brought them or id munch them :D




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