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Monday, 28 September 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 10 - Make your own Christmas stockings

For the first time since i moved out of my parents, we have a fireplace! I know many will be thinking... "its just a fireplace, nothing to shout home about", but to us it really is. Little K still believes in Santa, the key Santa needed to get into the house is now redundant. Santa now comes down the chimney like he is supposed to. Ok the fire gets in the way but little K hasn't seemed to notice that yet. For me though it means i can dress it up. For years ive seen pictures of festive fireplaces and felt a ping of jealousy because i couldn't do that. A nicely dressed fireplace, set in the center of the family room just screams Christmas for me. I'm so excited i have been busy planning it all out. 

While shop brought stockings are lovely, i prefer the homemade look. Here is 5 of my favourites.

1. Crochet a Stocking - Gleeful Things

I know not everyone can crochet, but i love this one. I like that because its made with wool which i think personally gives handmade items a cosy look. As it is homemade, it could be made to coordinate with any colour scheme. 

2. Turn an unused blanket into stockings - Martha Stewart

This is a great way to reuse any blankets that may be worn or unloved. A single bed sized blanket will easily produce 3-4 mid size stockings or 2 large ones. If you do not have any blankets available, you could check charity shops or bot sales for a bargain. 

3. Make a stocking out of felt - Cherry Menlove

Not everyone likes the traditional read and green colour scheme. I have never been daring enough to do more than purple and silver. After seeing these though i am more than tempted to go out of my comfort zone! How amazing do these look? The kids will love them, and they are so easy to make. 

Another fab idea to reuse some old items either around the house or from bargain buys in a charity shop or boot sales. What i like about this is that they have a real country living feel about them (to me) They are cosy and look loved. Plus after Christmas morning had been and gone, id turn them into hot water bottle covers, which makes them extra frugal. 

5. Make Elf Stockings - Fleece Fun 

These are by far, my most favourite! In fact i want a pair to potter around the house in, not for the chimney! If you are handy with a sewing machine these are super easy to make. There is both a video and a written tutorial for both adult and baby sizes. 

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