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Thursday, 17 September 2015

#SMPXmasCountdown: Day 1 - Simple decorating using ribbon.

Christmas just isnt Christmas to me, unless i have all the trimmings. It does not need to be fancy but i like a decorated house, i like the tree bursting with presents and i like the smell of Christmas. One thing i find extremely cheap that gives a high impact is ribbon. 

You could go and buy seasonal ribbon but i prefer to use colours. We do not have set colour schemes, only for our tree, so i find that over time it becomes quite cost effective, as we can swap colours around depending on what we fancy. 

Ribbon can be picked up quite cheap from markets stalls that sell fabric, from ebay or amazon. Or you can buy from craft stores for a little bit more. I buy mine in bulk off ebay each January and often find some nice seasonal ones in the sale lines. 

Here is 5 of my favourite ways to decorate for Christmas using ribbon. 

Do you have any favourite Christmas crafts using ribbon? Share them below or come visit me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to more festive ribbon decorating. 

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