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Monday, 21 September 2015

Monday Meal Plan 21/09/15 - 28/9/15

Earlier in the year i started a challenge. I challenged myself to feed my family, 100 meals for £200. You can read about it here. Due to having to find a new home and moving, our finances were tied up making the challenge impossible to finish. Id like to try again possibly in January but ill keep folk updated on that.

One thing i do want to know before the year is up, is what i am spending, paticually on food as i feel this is one area i am starting to spend more on.

I enjoy meal planning, i find great pleasure in working it all out and gives the kids a chance to get involved, if they wish, and tell me what they would like for that week. Each Monday, ill be sharing my weekly meal plan. Each meal plan is around £60-£70 (hopefully less) with the budget including, cleaning products, cat food, packed lunch stuff for the kids and hubby, as well as giving me a little bit of room to batch cook some items.

Here is this weeks meal plan:

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