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Monday, 21 September 2015

#MakeItMonday: Make a patchwork picture

I had some old scraps of fabric left over from making the kids some t shirts, that i had stuffed into a bag. I recently dug them out and intended to use them to make a quilt. While browsing quilting i come across this on google. The blog no longer exists but you can tell by the picture that it is pretty simply to make. 

All you need is: 

Some scraps of fabric
Some card
A glue gun
A box frame

Quite simply all you need to do is cut out shapes and stick the fabric on to it. Stick the shapes to a coloured card backing and place into the frame. 

If you want to be extra frugal and make this for free, why not try this:

  • Collect wallpaper samples from DIY stores. 
  • Google for fabric samples, depending on how big you want to make the picture, you could probably make something just with samples. Alot of places will give 3-5 samples at a time for nothing at all. Some you may need to pay a little bit of postage. 
  • Use an old cereal box instead of buying card from a craft store. 
  • To make the picture more prominent, use an old cardboard box to cut out the shapes.  
  • Use a cardboard box to make a photo frame. Cover that in fabric or wallpaper samples to give yourself a completely personalised and unique frame. 

These also make lovely gifts and great crafts for kids (supervised of course) 

I found a video a tutorial online on how to make a shadow box frame using light card or paper. 

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