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Friday, 11 September 2015

Frugal Friday: Turn a plastic bottle into something useful.

I spend alot of my free time browsing the net to find ideas for things i would normally throw away. This idea popped up on my facebook while i was talking to someone. It did not say where it is from but upon doing a search online, there is lots of tutorials!

The idea is simple and the picture explains it well enough without  tutorial. The zippers can be brought in bulk from amazon or ebay or if you are really frugal, you can remove the zipper from old clothing. The zipper can be either glued on or if you would like to take some more time, you could sew it.

The cases can be made in all different sizes and colours making this a cheap way to store small things.

Here is some of my other favourite plastic bottle upcycles.

Tutorial on FabArtDIY

Tutorial on The Frugal Crafter

Tutorial on Rust and Sunshine

Tutorial on Creme de la craft

Found on Just Imagine

Found on Recycled Crafts

Tutorial on Filth Wizardry

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