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Monday, 3 August 2015

#MakeItMonday: Design your own tea towel

I love dressing the rooms in my house with accessories, they brighten up any room no matter how plain it looks. My love of nick nacks does come at a cost though and is something the mr has had to stop me buying. I combated this by finding ways to make my own accessories, not only has this worked out cost effective but it has also meant I have been able to personalise my home with items no one else will have. 

Picture taken from Making Home Base

I have a new kitchen which up until last weekend, was a blank canvas. While browsing, I come across this idea over at  Making Home BaseI am ideally looking for tea towels I can use so I will likely pay out for fabric paint but they will work out around the same price as those brought from 99p store or cheaper if i can buy the tea towels in larger packs or find some cheap fabric to make them myself.

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