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Thursday, 2 April 2015

#ThriftyThursday: No waste Easter crafts

I am determined to make less waste and to get the kids away from their electronic babysitters this half term. I hate that they want to spend so much time on the computer or a tablet. They are only 12 and 8, the weathers warming up and id love nothing more than to see them have fun, make a mess (hypercritical seen as i moan about this one alot) and just be kids! 

Here is 10 of my favourite no waste Easter crafts or ideas. 

*As with all Pin it Posts, the original blog/website has been linked so you can find the instructions* 

1. Glitter Egg ornaments - Found via Willowday 

I love this idea. I have seen the whole eggs covered in glitter but never thought about hollowing them out. Really really pretty and you can of course make a nice easter cake with the egg :D 

2. Toilet paper tube bunny - Found via EtsyBABY

Toilet roll tubes are definitely one of my most loved craft items when it comes to kiddy crafts. Having a family of 4, we never run out of them either. 

3. Paper plate Easter basket - Found via Nurture Store

Are you like me and have lots of these plates cluttering the draw? I always end up with loads after a party and only use them to make masks. I love how the kids could personalise this themselves. 

4. Easy Egg box bunny masks - Found via Sempre clarisse (Its foreign but easy enough to tell from the picture what to do)

Egg boxes are fantastic to work with. As well as making the bunny mask why not try number 7 and number 10 as well and make 3 crafts out of one box. 

5. Recycled Easter basket - Found via Red Ted Art 

Another simple one. The rest of the bottle could be used for other crafts or in the garden. 

6. Fabric Easter egg Bunting - Found via Sew a fine seam

This is a great one for crafters. Not to despair if you do not know or are not comfortable with sewing. If you have any old fabric (kids old clothes maybe?) You could easily just make egg shapes and paint patterns onto them. Glue some ribbon or string onto the back of the fabric and hang up. 

7. Egg carton chicks - Found via One Little Project 

Another egg box craft. Love that this can be filled with little sweets too. Great way to use up some more of the egg box you cut up in my number 4 craft. 

8. Paper Mache easter baskets - Found via Red Ted Art 

This is a great way of using up leftover tissue paper you get in gifts or newspaper and the the kids can get messy with some paint. 

9. Wool wrapped tulips - Found via School Time Snippets

If you use wool this is a nice way to use up those endy bits as well as cardboard and ice lolly sticks. If you feel extra frugal, use up some tissue paper from gifts and an old clean jar. 

10. Egg Carton Flowers - Found via Itsy Bitsy Fun

That egg box you chopped up in number 4 or number 7 will come in handy here. Egg box flowers look fantastic, last ages and are really easy to make. Use the rest of the box to make some daffodils to give the room a spring time feeling. 

If you feel extra frugal, in number 5 a plastic bottle was recycled into an easter basket. Use the body of the bottle and decorate it to make the vase (cover the bottom and maybe add some weight into it) Make different types of egg box flowers to create a bigger bunch. 

If you would like to see more no  waste easter craft ideas, pop over and have a look at my pinterest board.

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