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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

#TellItTuesday: Freebie when you buy McCains chips

A freebie i love most is one i get when i am buying the product anyways. I wanted some chips to go with the kids salad this week. I would usually make them but being lazy i figured a bag of frozen chips in the freezer are handy for quick sides. 

In selected Icelands stores, you can claim a free chip tray worth £5 if you purchase their 5% fat chips

McCains chips are currently on offer with an additional 50% free for £1.80 so its a great deal if you want a new pan. 
Please note this is selected stores only but my local Icelands is quite small so it is not limited to the larger stores. 
If the trays are not near the chips, try looking on the edge of the aisle or at the checkouts :)

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