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Monday, 6 April 2015

#MakeItMonday: Make beads from paper

Years ago i made and sold jewellery on a market stall. I found the process of making my own items therapeutic but it could work out quite expensive sometimes. I took to my second home... pinterest, and discovered paper beads. With young children in the house we had a ridiculous amount of paper at home. I horded it! At first i thought it was a silly idea, paper is flimsy right? but the process was simple and such a great way to use up the newspapers that were only ever used to line the painting table. 

I found a fantastic site which i used alot while making items. I Love  Paper Beads has some fantastic tutorials on is perfect for providing inspiration on projects. I thought i would share this with you all as it is perfect for cheap craft ideas, unique gifts and if you are trying to reduce waste. 

Have a look at this tutorial here, on how to get started with making basic paper beads. 

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