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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

#WeEatWednesday: Use up those leftover potatoes.

When it comes to boiling potatoes I am guilty of making too many. I always have leftover mash which I tend to just fry the following day with some vegetables for a tasty bubble and squeak. This week I wanted something different. I had a lot more mash leftover than usual and after freezing a couple of un buttered portions and pondering about munching through the rest, I done what any sensible person would do and turned to google. It is here I stumbled upon..... Gnocchi! 

Gnocchi can be made in many ways but this was a cheap, quick, easy way to use up what I had left. The end result was a filling meal which cost me just 56p to feed 4 people. 

As I found the recipe so helpful I have linked the blog I found it on below. It is so easy to follow and I have to admit, I think she is right. My hubby must be an idiot as he reckons he does not like gnocchi either. I told him it was pasta and he ate it all up... Sorry hubby, I saw through your lies! :) 

I made a tomato and onion sauce to go with mine, which was very similar to a bolognase sauce and contained courgettes, onion, and herbs, all of which I already had available. The only thing I had to buy was a tin of tomatoes and some mushrooms. It was a very filling meal which I served alongside some mince turkey for an alternative to pasta. Looking on google though their is lots of ways you can make gnocchi and lots of things you can add to it to bulk out. I saw a stuffed spinach and ricotta gnocchi I really want to try and after making a quiche later in the week I shall have extra cheese and onion so will be making cheese and onion gnocchi in a cheese and bacon sauce. 

What flavours would you try? Have you made gnocchi before? 


  1. I love gnocchi it is so versitile and great for using left overs sauces.If I have any left over curry or bolognese or even white sauces left i freeze them and then adapt them to go with Gnocchi for a whole complete new meal entirely made from leftovers

    1. We are converted :) I've been experimenting with different flavours. Love the idea of using leftover sauces. Will be trying that one thank you x




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