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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

#TellitTuesday: Morrison online shopping review

I am a loyal Tesco shopper. I have religiously shopped in Tesco for over 12 years now for my main shop, only venturing into another store if there is a great offer on a particular item. Morrisons is a new store for me. I have never lived near one until the small Morrisons local opened up down the road. I discovered that they deliver to this area so decided to try Morrisons online shopping to see if it was any cheaper. 

I did firstly do a Tesco shop for comparison. I very very easily racked up £60 in shopping and had hardly put a weeks food in the basket. I couldn't work out where I went wrong as I am a careful shopping and rarely go anywhere near £60 a week. I moved onto Morrisons, adding a like for like basket and quickly realised I was going to get more for my money. I was that impressed I had to share what I thought of the whole experience as a whole. 

How easy is the site to use?

The first thing that stood out to me was how easy it was to look up what I wanted. Like Tesco I could search using categories or type the item into the search bar. What stood out to me was how well organised and labelled it was. I am a shop by price shopper. I start low and only decide to up the price I pay if the product is paticually good. I am always looking for bargains which I found really easy to find on Morrisons. 

How did i find the products?

Like any supermarket, Morrisons has a own brand value range. Being a long term shopper of Tesco I wasn't willing to buy a whole shop of Morrisons own brand value foods as I didn't want to buy things we would not like. They do have a great range of low end items which are within the same price as other supermarkets so I would not be saving money buying only this brand. What Morrisons does have which is different to other stores is their market street. Fresh, very fresh vegetables and fruit, laid out in a similar way a green grocers would be. A butcher who will cut up the meat you buy to any cut you request, meat which is packaged how a butchers would package your items (in the blue polystyrene type trays) A bakers which is stocked daily with fresh bread, cakes and pastries. What I liked the most was the amount of packaged food... It was minimal. Despite being a little mini market the prices reflected supermarket prices not those at the local butchers (which is extortionate here). 

How did i find the service?

I am always willing to pay that tiny bit more to receive good service. Whether that's in store or online I expect the same. A polite and helpful assistant, not to be treated like a number, not to be rushed through the till assuming I can pack my shopping, deal with 2 bored kids and stand unaided without my walking stick without even asking if I need help or them to slow down. When my shopping was delivered the driver was courteous, asked if I wanted him to bring the shopping in and despite being 9pm he stood for ten mins explaining the receipt, any substitutions and the bag system (I'll explain these below). 

The bag system. 

I loved this! I thought it showed care and attention to each individual customer. Bags are colour coded to separate items. As I asked for a late delivery I was extremely grateful of this additional bonus. It was easy to grab my freezer and fridge stuff so they could be put away and while the cupboard items could be left till the morning. 

The receipt. 

Anyone who regularly shops online for groceries will know what a receipt looks like. What really stood out to me was how the receipt was laid out. The offers were clear, where I had saved money was clear. My most favourite feature was how Morrisons had ordered my items to be used on particular days. Nothing was what I would call short dated and being laid out like this made it easier for to plan when things were at their best for me to use. As a compulsive list maker who is always planning meals this really appealed to me. It was another example of how Morrisons valued me as a customer, thinking about how things could be easier for me. Pinning this on my fridge is a handy checklist. I know I have to use x food by x day and can plan my meals accordingly.  

A little welcome gift. 

I am not personally a fan of gingerbread but the kids loved this one. It was lovely to feel appreciated. 

As well as the above, Morrisons have their own loyalty card. The Match & More card. Like other loyalty cards, you collect points to recieve vouchers. The Match & More card seems fair. 5000 points will earn you a £5 voucher to spend at Morrisons. 

The idea is simple. Morrisons will price match comparable items with Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA plus price match against Aldi and Lidl. If an item is within 1p difference you are given 10 match points. If it is more than £1 though you are given 1000 match points. This is against the whole shop not just a couple of brands. Match points are redeemable online or in store. More points are Morrisons offers. Many items in store and online will earn points if brought. This is all done automatically for you when points are added after your shopping has been delivered.

As well as this you can also earn points by filling up the petrol using a Morrisons petrol station.

Applying is easy, simply register your details and wait for your card to arrive.

You may have guessed by now I am a big fan. I really was impressed with everything as a whole. So did I find any bad points? 

Not really, not anything that matters much to me personally. Morrisons market street, as mentioned is by far their best selling point. Some of the items were much more expensive compared to Tesco or ASDA. This was not an issue for me as I was happy to use Tesco to do a small shop. I had a voucher for both so I got double the savings. Morrisons has some great offers, especially on the fresh produce and I did struggle more than with Tesco to find £60 worth of food. After my shopping had been received, the next day a  staff member contacted me via phone to ask for my opinion on how i found shopping with Morrisons. Yes, you have got it, I liked this too. Like with the other little added bonuses Morrisons offers I found this comforting, I felt appreciated and valued. Plus it was nice to be able to talk to a member of staff and give my feedback rather than write it on an online form.

Due to my experience being so positive I have decided to use Morrions for a while as my main shop and see how I go. I shall still be using Tesco for small shops to keep up with the more expensive items but all in all i believe i saved money. 

If you are a first time shopper you can get £10 off a £70 shop. by using the code VOU8568697 This is a one time use for new customers only and valid until 16th April 2015. 


  1. This is really great to read! We do our main shop at morrisons and wondered how the online shop would compare to others - i might have to try giving online shopping a whirl

    1. We was happy with it :) I am considering a trip down to the store even though it's a couple of buses away lol I love the among of fresh stuff compared to packaged. Tescos could learn a think or too :)

  2. Shopped with them for years and I don't have much nice to say, they certainly don't appreciate my custom. They don't do deliveries here so maybe there is something in that. The one I am near is a superstore and I can assure you the fruit and veg is not as fresh as it could be, I shop elsewhere for fruit and veg and find aldi to be the freshest apart from M&S but who can afford to shop there. lol.




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