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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Win a £50 Voucher to spend this mothers day at #toxicfox

Mothers day already! Finding the perfect gift takes time, planning and lots of thought, things that not all of us have lots spare of sometimes. Personalized gifts are a popular choice, i love thoughtful gifts, the type of gifts that someone has looked at and said "It has Michelle written all over it!" 

Luckily for us there is websites which take the stress out of finding that perfect gift. At Christmas i wrote a post raving about how amazing i found Toxicfox.co.uk  

I loved how easy picking the perfect gifts is, and there is a huge range of categories to look through, there was something on every page i liked the look off and before i knew it my basket was full and i had the painstaking task of removing all the lovely bits i had chosen! (Making a mental note of course to come back on pay day :D) 

I know all you lot love personalised gifts too so i have exciting news for you! Toxic Fox are giving away 4... yes 4! £50 vouchers to spend on their mothers day collection.

How to enter

There is 2 simple easy steps to enter. 

  1. Simply pop over to Toxic Fox's Mothers Day gift section and choose the perfect gift. 
  2. Share your perfect gift on the social network of your choice (or all if you fancy) Remember to use the hashtag #toxicfox so that they can see your entry. 
Easy as that. There is one winner per social networking site so feel free to increase your chances of winning and enter on them all. The links are below 

The competition starts today (18th February 2015) and ends on 1st March 2015. Winners will be announced on 2nd March giving you enough time to order your Mother's day presents. 

For full terms and conditions, please visit  http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/terms-and-conditions#mothers-day 

The voucher is valid for one transaction only so naturally this inspired me to go and have a nose thought the new mothers day gift section. 

Just like i mentioned before in my previous post, i love how colourful and inviting the website is. I is fun to look through the items and the range of products always leaves me gobsmacked. The new Mothers Day Gift Section lives up to previous expectations and is just as inviting and fun. The gift finding sections is separated by personality and interest with fun, loving titles such as "My Sweet Mum" or "My Unique Mum" My favourite has to be "My Kooky Mum" the gifts in this section suit me to a t! In the side bar in each section you can browse by personalised or not personalised, price range or browse by reactions. Choose a LOL gift (funny), a OMG gift (Unique) or a WTF gift ( Unusual). There really is a huge range of gifts for everyone and every budget. 

My Mothers Day Gift list 

With 3 of us in mind, i very quickly done my usually and rammed my online basket full to the brim! Before hubby walked in, spotted it and informed me i may only choose one thing... boo! spoilsport! 

With a £25 budget per person here is what i chose. 

For my Mum 

My mum is a real family orientated person, she loves personalized gifts but is very much like me in that the perfect gift is a well thought out one. She also has a brilliant sense of humor and will rarely find anything offensive. I chose 2 gifts which combined both parts of her personality. 

I love the photo cube, i am tempted to buy a couple for my soon to be newly decorated living room. It holds 5 photos and can be personalised with any message. The box opens as a keepsake box so is perfect for holding onto treasured memories. The plan would be as she has 4 children, to fill 4 spaces with photos of each of us with our families and the top one with her's and my dads wedding. Its beautiful and for £19.99 it is a bargain! 

I found this while browsing the OMG gifts in the Unique mum section. 

The 50 shades of brown loo roll is more of a long standing joke between my mum and me. When i spotted it i knew i had to buy it. She has been talking about the 50 shades of grey books since they come out and now has been talking about the movie. Me and my brother made a joke some time ago that we thought the whole thing was hyped up and called it... 50 shades of... (you get the picture :D) As a 50 shades fan, I know she will find this funny.  It comes with a little booklet and a loo roll and priced at £6.99 i think its a great novelty gift. 

I found this while browsing the WTF gift section. Perfect for the Kooky mum. 

For my Mother in law

My mother in law loves her family, she has many interests but her family are always first in her mind. If it has a photo of her children or grandchildren on it, is handmade or connects to some way about her being a mum she will treasure it. I chose 2 gifts which centered around her love of being a mum. 

During my last review of Toxic Fox i was sent a Typography of Love framed picture. It looks amazing and my mother in law always compliments on how she loves the TOL look. She is not one to have lots of pictures on the wall so this cup is a great option. Being personalised i can add a photo of her with her children, her children s date of births and the nicknames she calls them. At £9.99 it is a wonderful inexpensive personalised gift that would look fantastic on the shelves with her other treasured family memories. 

I found this while browsing the TOL gifts in the My loving mum section. 

My mother in law adores chocolate! It has to be quality chocolate though and lasts her for ages as she nibbles on it. No one is allowed to try any, it is her treat. As she is very family orientated, loves her chocolate treats and her favourite colour is pink, the mum chocolates just jumped out at me and screamed "Buy for the MIL!" They are handmade here in the UK from white Belgium chocolate and best of all they are gluten free! *They have been made in a nut environment* At £12.99 they cost less than the chocolates we would normally buy her and i think look much prettier. 

I found these while browsing the sweet treats in the My sweet mum section 

For myself 

My girls will make me something, they always do. I wouldn't have it any other way, i love the thought that goes into whatever they are plotting up in their rooms! I do always receive a small gift from them both each year, that my hubby buys for them. Despite our son no longer being here, he always picks me up a card and a present from him too. Here is what i chose if it was my choice. 

I chose the key ring as i just loved the simplicity of it. I collect key rings and have lots with photos of my kids on but this particular one is special. It is personalised with their named on and just has my name written all over it! I think the idea is to have the mums name and her 2 children's names on it but i would gladly have all 3 of my children s names, with my sons name sitting in the heart charm.. You can choose 2 charms to add to the heart charm. You can choose either 2 boy charms, 2 girl charms or one of each.  For the price of just £16.99 i am in love with it! I have lots of engraved items brought for me over the years but this is one i can carry around with me and it looks much more expensive that it actually is. 

I found this while browsing the personalised gifts in the My sentimental mum section 

I love bath bombs, candles or smellies in general. At Christmas i was sent a bath bomb cracker (sadly not currently available) the smell was so strong that i could smell it as soon as i opened the box! I placed the cracker under my Christmas tree and the room smelt fantastic for the weeks leading up to the big day. Being super impressed, i knew once they had run out and i was in need of some pampering i would be back on toxic fox looking at the bath bomb gift sets. The cherry bathe set caught my eye because it has soap in it, is cherry scented and its pink :) The set costs £12.99 and contains, a soap bar, 2 bath bombs and 2 bath creamers. I have directed the hubby towards this set and made it clear i have my eye on it. I really want to try out the creamers! The set is worth every penny to me, for the simple fact i know the bath bombs smell amazing for quite a while and i also know if i was to shop for the same products elsewhere, it would cost me double! As an added bonus this item is on the 3 for 2 deals so if planned right this could be a freebie for me :) 

I found this while browsing the gift sets in the My beautiful mum section 

The patchwork heart decoration is just me on abit of string. I like wall decorations, things i can personalise my home with, that the whole family can appreciate. This decoration is ceramic and personalised with 2 lines of text up to 15 characters. The name can be up to 12 characters but i would likely put the munchkins instead of a name. Priced at £9.99 i think its reasonable. I would pay around the same price for a similar item which is not personalised. 

I found this while browsing the gifts for under £20 in the My cheap mum section 

And some extra bits... 

While browsing i found some more more items i would gladly buy to add on to the gifts i would buy. At Christmas i spent ages browsing the 3 for 2 section and i did so again this time for mothers day. A sad as it sounds i am already looking for stocking fillers or gifts to give people throughout the year.  5 more items appeared in my basket! Here is what i chose:

All the choices are pretty self explanatory. They are novelty gifts chosen because i think they are funny or good for a member of my family. Buying these 5 alongside the cherry bathe gift pack would give me a total discount of  nearly £9 which is fantastic and almost makes one of the more expensive items free :D 

Thats my complete mothers day wish list. What item would you choose? Go ahead and have a browse, share the item you would love using the hashtag #toxicfox and be automatically entered into Toxic Fox's Mothers Day Competition. 

Seen the perfect gift already? Use the Discount code TFMother to use on the mothers day collection. 

Code is valid until 15th March and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer. 

I would love to hear what you have chosen. Let me know via twitter. facebook or instagram.  

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed are my own* 

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