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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Say Yes To Odd Socks!

You may have a routine when it comes too washing socks, i pair them together loosely or if there is enough, i wash them all inside an empty pillow case. When i empty the washing machine though.... 

Odd socks!!! The sock eating part of my washing machine has struck again! Munching through our socks during the night eventually leaving me with an endless bag of sock assortments and nothing to do with them. 

Now i actually do not mind putting us and the kids in odd socks, For school though i always make sure they have matching pair or white or black ones. When Pinterest first started i began searching for random things to make boards with... up-cycling this and up-cycling that. Various things just to make use to anything in my home that was feeling unloved or didnt have a place of its own. Feeling fed up with the huge bag of assortments i looked for odd socks. I knew i could make puppets and snakes but i was pleasantly surprised at the patterns and templates people had pinned. 

I wanted to share a 6 of my favorites giving you all something fun to do over the half term holiday that is looming over us! The original sites are linked up which contains the directions on how to make and whats needed :) 

Make A Sock Teddy 

Found via RAWR Creatures 

Love this one as its simple. Its small and really easy to follow step by step. Big K is going through a slight zombie/emo phase and these appeal to her alot as they are not so cutesy looking. 

Make A Sock Bunny 

Found via Craft Passion 

This is one of my favourite sites to read. The tutorials are simple and there is lots of different sock creatures to choose from.

Make A Sock Snake 

Found via Grosgrain 

This is a new site to me but one i have been happily browsing in the evenings. Grosgrain blogs about a few crafty things and i spied a Turkish delight recipe i am thinking of trying. This particular tutorial is nice as it uses up lots of odd socks at once or the bits you have left over from making other sock creations :) 

Make A Sock Cat/Dog 

This is just adorable! I like that the how to is mainly in pictures than words so it really simple to follow. Big K likes making these and now has quite a collection.

Make A Sock Doll

Found via My Handmade Toys 

I admit, these i just can not get to grips with. They always look odd shaped, or i sew the wrong part. The tutorial on this site is basic but easy to work out. These dolls are on my must master list! i will complete one :) There is a few other tutorials which may also be of interest too

Make a No Sew Sock Caterpillar

Found via Pinterest. The blog itself no longer exists but the link to the pin is here 

This is a super easy kids craft. No how to is needed as it is easy to work out via the picture. If you were at all worried about little uns with the eyes and the bands you could adapt this by using a pen or hand sewing some eyes and sewing the body parts together. 

Apart from saving me some money making the kids new toys and not throwing out the odd socks! One of the best things is that basic sewing knowledge is all that is needed. They can all be sewn together using a sewing machine or by hand sewing, making them great projects for kid and adults of all skill levels. 

I have made a new board on Pinterest for Sock Creations. I shall add to this over the next few days. Have a look there may be something you like :)

Follow Michelle Bennett's board Sock creations on Pinterest.

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