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Monday, 9 February 2015

Pin it Post: My favourite Valentines day pins

As many know i am a tad addicted to Pinterest. I like the ease of it, lots of ideas in one place and easy to organise. I can become engrossed for hours and when i finally realise the time i will still be sitting there saying, "ill put my phone down after this search" or "just 5 mins more" With Valentines Day approaching i started browsing. I am not normally one to deal with it as i think its very over commercialized but i do like to treat the hubby every now and again.

Here is 10 of my favorites. As with all my pin it posts, the original site is linked for you to click through and find instructions and ingredients.

Valentine Fondue

Found via Hoosier Homemade 

This can be as naughty or as nice as you want it to be. Some really tasty ideas too, i cant wait to try this! Pink, fluffy cupcakes what more can anyone want!

Salt Dough Heart 

Found via Red Ted Art 

Such a cute idea. A fantastic kids craft and a great keepsake. Could even make these for gifts.

An Initial Candle

Found via Hello Natural 

This is so simple! It also looks more expensive than it actually it. It is just a normal cheap pillar candle which you can pick up for £1 and some paint. Easy to make and looks stunning on a shelf or a table.

Tissue Paper Art 

I think i may have found a new blog to read! Some really frugal ideas on here. I love that is is another keepsake item. It would look lovely on the wall all year round. Another one i cant wait to try out.

Love bug fruit cups 

Cute kiddy idea if you want to make Valentines day fun for the little bodies in the house. Fruit and jelly, the perfect pudding after a special meal.

Speaking of special meals....

For me the main meal is either a meat i will not usually buy like lamb, or a really cute or posh looking dessert. Here is 3 of my favourites:

Mini French Apple Cakes 

Found via Hungry Rabbit 

How posh are these! I would not even spoil them with custard. You could make them into heart shapes if you wanted to make them more valentines themed but i think they are perfect as they are.

Heart Shaped Pizza

Found via Landeelu 

A takeaway seems to be a fantastic choice for most couples who spend Valentines night  indoors. It is quick easy and a treat! No cooking, just put on a film and snuggle up with some food. If you want to save some pennies though, pizza is super easy to make and a fun thing to do together or with the kids. 

Valentines Confetti 

Found via Nest of Posies 

Love this idea. Would be great as something to munch on during a film. Could easily be made using other treats and can be used all year round for family film nights :) 

I am sure i will find more but these are just some that i am going to make an effort to try. For dinner i will make my hubby's favourite... beef wellington with roast spuds and green veg. I will be pinning lots more to my boards. Why not have a browse through and see if something catches your eye :) 

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