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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Grab a free or discounted haircut or beauty treatment.

We all love a little bit of pampering right? It can however work out really expensive if you have a few treatments at once. Websites like Groupon or Wowcher can offer deals and save a huge amount of money but i have found a better option. 

How does a free or really cheap hair cut sound? a new hair colour? A free or really cheap wax? or fancy some new nails?  

It sounds too good to be true right? Many trainees or college students need real people to practise on, guinea pigs if you like and because of this many colleges offer very discounted prices for a whole range of treatments. They also will occasionally look for models where could get a treatment done for free. I know at first i worried about this as i am very funny about my hair but the first time i went to a local hairdressing college, i paid £20 for a completely new style and a new colour and she was amazing, very chatty and friendly and very careful. Her tutor was on hand if anything was to go wrong but she did a brilliant job and i imagine is now a very competent hair dresser. If you enquire about being a model generally you do not have the choice you do when you just walk in and pay so bare that in mind, but if you are looking for a completely new change, this could work in your favour. You of course also need a photo of your new look taken for the students portfolio. If this is something that interests you then find a college that does a hairdressing or beauty course and give them a call. They may have a salon open to the public where you could help the students and take advantage of a bargain beauty treatment. 

As well as discounted and free treatments under supervision, maybe trainees and students who have had experience already or completed a level 1 or 2 course will also advertise outside of college for guinea pigs. These are generally free treatments and include nail technicians, hair dryers, dentistry and many more. Obviously these are trainees who are not under the watchful eye of a tutor but they do have more experience and have perhaps worked with the general public before. 

You may find adverts for models in the local paper or on sites such as gumtree or local selling pages but i found this while having a google. 

Salon Guinea Pig is a uk based website where trainees in the beauty field can advertise their services in one place. Adverts generally tend to be depending on what the student is looking for extra experience in rather than the choices you want but once you have made a profile you can tick the treatments you are willing to be a guinea pig for. I found lots in London, but not many up here in Nottingham but i will be keeping an eye on it. Its a site to bookmark for the future :) 

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  1. If you want to be a model for waxing treatments in Nottingham, check out nkd Waxing - http://www.nkdwaxing.com/ - as they sometimes need models for their training courses. Salon Guinea Pig are also in the process of contacting colleges and training academies across the country, so that there are more treatments available in places other than London :)




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