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Friday, 27 February 2015

Baker Days: Mother's Day #cakebypost review.

I was given the opportunity to review a letterbox cake from the Baker Day Mother's Day 2015 collection. I love cake, my family love cake i was intrigued how it was possible to send a cake through the post that would fit through the letterbox. 

About Baker Days

Baker Days  is a company based in Nottingham UK who make and design celebration cakes which can be sent to virtually anywhere in the UK. Cakes come in a range of sizes and flavourings with plenty of designs to choose from, there is something to suit everyone's budget. All cakes are handmade to order, using only fresh, real ingredients with no preservatives. The butter cream for example is made using real butter. Plus with gluten and dairy free options no one is excluded. 

I was able to choose the design of my choice. Looking through ordering is really simple. It is as easy as choosing the size of your cake, the flavouring or dietary requirement and then choosing to personalise or not. I chose an unpersonalised cake as i liked the initial design and the wording. 

A few days after ordering this arrived through my letterbox as promised.... 

The cake is cleverly packaged in a lovely tin with air holes which big K is now using to store her sandwiches in when she goes to school. I was worried that the cake might be squashed or be abit dry by the time it arrived but it was perfect. I would have got a picture of the cake before hand but my youngest got to the tin before me and cut a big chunk out of the cake :D 

This is what the design looked like before little K found it:

We all loved birds and this jumped out as being cute. Perfect for mothers day. 

The letterbox cake is a small cake measuring 5 inch cakes (12cm x 2.5cm). It is designed for 1 or 2 people to be cut into 3-4 portions. The cake was much larger than i thought if i am honest. If stored in a cool dry place (maybe the handy tin it arrived in?) it has a shelf life of a couple of weeks. It was never going to last that long though :D 

The flavour options are: 
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Fruit
As mentioned there is also gluten free and dairy free options. 

The icing smells amazing! It is really sweet, soft and so colourful! It looks really fresh and although not a fan of icing i really enjoyed the taste. 

I had a nice surprise cutting into the letterbox cake. I had been sent a chocolate flavour sponge :D I cut it into 6 smaller slices instead of 4 quarters so we could enjoy this cake over a couple of days. I would have got 8 small slices but my youngest devoured one part of the cake upon opening it :) 

I found the icing was nice but it did overpower the sponge a little. The sponge was not as dry as i thought it would be and true to their claims, it did taste like i had made it at home. 

The letterbox cake costs just £14.99 for a vanilla sponge. For more filling options these cost extra but it is great value for money. Each cake comes in a tin which is reusable and comes with a few added extras such as balloons, candles or sweets. Our cake come with a little pack of love hearts which the girls thoroughly enjoyed! 

For a personalised gift i think this is reasonably priced. I would pay similar in price for a gift, not including postage and not being handmade and the fact i can personalise using my own photos, word it myself and choose my own design appeals to me. There is many cakes for all types of celebrations, Here is a selection. 

There is many more categories to choose from here 

Plus as well as letterbox cakes you can choose cupcakes instead. Perfect for parties. 

One feature of the site i am paticually impressed with is the speed of delivery, Order your cake before 2pm for next day delivery. Handy for ensuring your gift arrives as close to the day as possible. 

As mentioned Baker Days cakes come in a range of sizes. These are: 

  • Letterbox Cakes 3-4 portions 5 inch cakes (12cm x 2.5cm) 
  • Small Party Cake 10-12  portions 7 inch cakes (17cm x 5.5cm)
  • Medium Party Cake 18-25 portions 9 inch cakes (24cm x 6.5cm)
  • Large Party Cake 40-55 portions 12 inch cakes (30cm x 7.5cm)
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I would order one of these for sure. With such a wide range of designs, which mothers day cake would you choose? 

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