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Thursday, 5 February 2015

100 meals for £200: Week 2

Its week 2 of my challenge! My aim this week is to be much cheaper than i was last week in order to save a little money. I am aiming for £30 for everything! I am a little late with this one. I planned for every Monday but my shopping days are now on Thursdays. Each Thursday i will add a new meal plan and recipes for the week.

Did you miss week 1? Click here to catch up  some of the recipes from last week are on this weeks menu.

Week 2

This week my aim is to start batch cooking. I am aiming for 1 week out of the month (hopefully more) that will be a shop free week, barring the essentials. My lunches and breakfasts tend to be around the same each week. That is personal choice, there is no reason why you could not adjust that to your own tastes. I often choose cereal or toast as it is quick. I have kids to get to school and then a full day of cleaning, shopping, phone calls etc so lunches tend to be quick eat in 10 mins and go meals. 

Macaroni & Cheese 

This recipe was one my nan gave me a long time ago. It is a firm favourite with the kids and my hubby! Quick easy and slow cooker friendly.I actually use pasta and not macaroni but that is personal choice. 

I wrote a post on making popular sauces from scratch. Look for the white sauce recipe and add the cheese to make a cheese sauce. Click here to see my Homemade Sauces post.

Make a bigger batch and freeze enough portions for a lunch next week or more if it is a meal you enjoy. I made enough for 4 weeks worth using half a block of cheese and 4 bags of pasta as we eat this weekly. 

Mushroom Straganoff

One of my main aim food wise this year is to eat more meat free meals. This is not only for health benefits, it is to save money. By not eating meat 7 days a week i can save £15 a week! I can get alot more meals from bags of veg than i can from one joint so i put the money saved into this.

Make a bigger batch and freeze enough portions for next week. 
* If freezing use a tin of condensed mushroom soup instead of the cream*

Cauliflower cheese with bacon

The cornstarch, milk butter and cheese is to make the sauce. Cornstarch can be substituted with plain flour if you do not have any available. Click here to see my Homemade Sauces post.

I do not always add bacon. I add whatever i have to hand. If i have left over chicken or gammon i use this instead.

Make a bigger batch and freeze enough portions for another meal or portion into enough for side dishes. 

Lentil Bolognese

Another veggie meal for the week. A favourite of mine as i can make huge portions for next to nothing.

Make a bigger batch - enough for 2 meals. Add curry powder and any other curry spices to one lot of portions and label it lentil curry. This will be used next week. 

Go ahead and freeze more portions if you have lots made. It is fine for a couple of months in the freezer. Remember to add the date onto the freezer bag or tub. 

Homemade Tomato Soup can be found on the recipes for week 1

Fanta Chicken 

This is a slimming world recipe. It tastes similar to sweet and sour chicken but it much healthier than using a jar. It says to use any diet fizzy orange pop but the normal version makes this taste better for me personally.

If it looks like there is enough to freeze, freeze the leftovers. From experience these amounts usually do enough for us 4. 

Homemade Vegetable Soup recipe is on week 1.

Sausages and onion gravy is a basic meal and can be easily cooked in the slow cooker. Brown the sausages and put into the slow cooker. Fry some chopped onion and add gravy and any herbs or spices an cook for 6 hours on low. Add some mash and you have a cooked meal. The whole meal is also freezable so feel free to freeze extra portions. If you fancy making your own gravy you can find the recipe in my post Homemade Sauces.

Shopping list 

In week 1 i had items left over which i carried over into this weeks meals plus a new set of staple items. These were

I over spent a little by nearly £15. I did however get another 4 meals for the rest of the month ahead of time so it was well spent. 

Here is my shopping list for meals for the week plus the items carried over for next week. 

* 58p needs to be added as i needed 4 bags of pasta not 2*

Last week i made enough tomato and vegetable soup to carry over. Plus i managed to make another 9 meals just from batch cooking this week. I cooked double the amount needed for each of the above recipes except the Fanta chicken and froze them to use during my shop free week. Plus as i used a whole chicken instead of chicken breasts, i also made a chicken noodle soup and chicken fajitas from the other half of the chicken. Both have been frozen to be used next week. 

Total spend this week was £45.33. 

Total spend so far (not including staple ingredients)  = £50.86p 

This is 
£26.47 - week 1 and £24,39 - week 2 

My staples budget which is £15 per week is actually over. I have currently spent £51.16 in 2 weeks so next week i will be lowering this right down. I have enough washing powder, cereal and lemon juice/white vinegar for cleaning for the month and enough yeast and flour to make bread for the month. With any luck next week will just be cat food and litter and the girls packed lunch items. 

So far i am on budget for food and have 9 meals set aside for future use so i am quite optimistic that this will work well. 

As i have a less busy week next week, Week 3 will be live Thursday morning. Do let me know if you have tried any of the recipes or are following the meal plan. I would love to know if it is helping anyone. 

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