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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Why pay money, Google is free!

It amazes me how many people still buy some items and the prices that are charged for them. There is many things that i will still pay for over making them myself or looking for freebies. Clothes being one of them and books. I am not seamstress, my dressmaking skills are bordering on fabric massacre! but i can make basic items. Dresses, skirts, socks and vests. Books, i always look for second hand. I have not paid full price for a book since my uni days.

In January, the shelves are filled with exercise DVD's, learn to do this and that books and a huge amount of recipe books aimed at helping you eat healthier and lose weight. It is perfect timing as the majority of us use the new year as an attempt to kick start new changes. I have been suckered in too, and then the books and the DVD's are left to gather dust, eventually ending up in a bag destined to be taken to the local charity shop.

There is a better answer. Google is free. There is also plenty of freebies to be found which i personally prefer. Not because its free... we all love a freebie. But because if it does not work or my motivation ultimately decides to die a death, i have not wasted money and feel forced to use something i do not like or to stare at an item knowing i have wasted money buying. Some people of course do prefer to hold a physical copy of an item, which is perfectly fine.

I know it is basic and you all know how to do it but here is a reminder.

  1. Decide what it is you want to make or do
  2. Look on Youtube for tutorials/guides
  3. Search pinterest for more inspiration 
  4. Google for more tutorials/guides
  5. Search Amazon for free kindle books on the subject
Here is some freebies for my new years resolutions. 

Learn a craft

With clothes making being such a wide subject, i was particularly interested in dresses with summer coming up. A huge amount of videos popped up but this one caught my eye.


I love how she makes her videos, this particular video is easy to follow. In fact she has alot of tutorials so will be a youtuber i subscribe to

When i subscribe to anyone on youtube, i always check to see if they have a blog. In this instance she hasn't but i did find her facebook page which i am now following :)

Now i have a clear idea of what i am looking to make i use google for more patterns or tutorials. A great site i found was Love To Sew which has some great tutorials both for beginners and advanced sewers. Pinterest is also my friend here as there is an amazing amount of tutorials available.

If you saw any of my previous posts, you will know my love of ebooks. I will always search Amazon for free ebooks. For this particular craft i found none.

If you are interested in learning to knit or crochet i did pick up lots of books the other day. You can see my post by clicking here 

Get fit - buy a fitness DVD

This must be top of most peoples list when they make a new years resolution. You could easily google this or buy a book but a video will always be the best way to go. Just searching google for get fit video brought up 2 main videos. 30 day shred and Insanity. I am sure there is plenty of others but you would have to look through the weight loss and update videos.

I chose to try the 30 day shred

Eat healthier. 

Like learning a craft, this is also quite a wide range of options. My main aim is to eat less meat and prepare more vegetarian meals.

Google proved to be amazing here as it brought up a few cooking sites and blogs. I paticually likes this one on LaaLoosh because it was weight watcher friendly and i am in the process of losing weight.

Youtube was quite informative. I found several recipes i would like to try and being a video i can follow it step by step at my own pace.

This Vegetarian Taco recipe is popular in my house


As with everything i always look for a free ebook. There is a huge amount to choose from if you are a kindle unlimted member. 

It is worth applying these methods to anything you want to buy or make. Expensive guides, dvds or books are not needed when you could maybe find something the same or similar for free. Why not have a look and see what you can find :)

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