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Friday, 2 January 2015

Welcome 2015!

Well that come around quick! Is it just me that thought the New Year come quickly? December just flew by! I am a firm believer of the new year being out with the old and in with the new but i didn't want to make any new years resolutions, Like many i do not stick to them, i do really well and stay really positive... for about 2 weeks! I think it is the word resolutions, it is just too much pressure for me. I work very well if i give myself little goals, things i can realistically achieve and thing i can reward myself should i achieve them. So i sat down and thought about everything i wanted to achieve and jotted down my goals for the year.  
  • Stop Smoking 

Every year i say this one. "I'll stop, i really want to".... 2 weeks later... "ill cut down, it will be easier" This year i have a reason to give up and as bad as it sounds its actually not mine or my children s health which is motivating me. 2015 is going to be a very expensive year so i have to cut back on everything unnecessary. Smoking is one of them unnecessary things in my life.  I have been smoking now since i was 13 (so 17 years!) I have given up successfully in the past and know i can do it again. I didn't want to waste time at the doctors when i know i can do it myself so i purchased a vapor pen from eBay. I have heard good things about these but i didn't want to spend alot of money to find out they did not work. This pen cost just £1.99 with free UK postage. It comes blister packed, in a range of colours and is rechargeable via USB. The idea was that i would use it temporarily until i purchased a more expensive one. The liquids are cheap enough at £2.50 for a weeks worth. So far its working and im pleased with it. Im not aiming anything with this one, im just taking it day by day but am hoping to be nicotine free in 6 weeks. 

  • Reduce my waste 

I decided in November that i wanted to reduce the amount i was throwing away. We have a fortnightly collection and if im honest, our bins were full within 3 days. The food we were throwing away was horrendous and very unlike me. I can usually turn anything into a challenge. A cereal box can be reused, old clothes can be turned into something else. Food!... my nan would be turning in her grave if she knew how much we had thrown out! Food can always be something tasty (providing its not off or obviously disgusting) I never got round to committing properly to a no waste November so i wanted to give it a fully committed go this year, I am hoping this will help save some pennies over the course of the year. 
  • Budget better 

I'm good with money. I've always been good at separating money and leaving it in the bank. Life always throws something at us though that mean we are forever dibbing into what savings we do have. Last week i sat down and using our expected incoming, worked out how much is needed for the big events this year. 2015 is going to be very expensive. I am 30, big K is 13, school uniforms, the winter gas bill, a holiday, hubby needs a new motorbike, the summer holidays and of course Christmas. I worked out how many weeks i have till each event happens and divided the amount by the number of weeks. 

Eg: Winter Gas bill = £360 for 12 weeks plus £40 to round it up and give me a little extra. 

12th Jan - 16th November = 44 weeks. 400 / 44 = roughly 9. 

It seems silly but we cant afford gas in the winter without doing this. the £36 a month is abit of a sacrifice to ensure that we are warm during winter. This money is then put into a money tin which we brought from 99p shop. It can not be opened without using a tin opener but on the 16th November it will be opened and taken to the bank ready for us to top up our meter. 
  • Make hampers and homemade gifts
I want to be more crafty this year. I have the attention span of a gnat! i flitter between project after project and rarely finish one before starting a new one. For both Christmas and birthdays, i do not buy the adults gifts, we rarely have the money to do so. This year i thought i would tie the 2 together and am making gifts for the adults in the family. There is 16 adults in total so some months will be one project and others 2. Ill keep everyone updated on those :D Im also planning hampers for the family's, little ones nothing major. If all goes to plan, all 24 gifts should cost me no more than £25. 
  • Lose weight
I was working on this last year and am still as determined to do it. I am going to step it up a little though as i want the weight to come off abit faster than it was. We are going on holiday in May so i am aiming for as much weight gone by then ideally. Like before ill give an update on a Monday :) 

I have many other goals which i will not bore you all with :) These 4 are my main ones. 

From a blog perspective, my goals are: 
  • To run a monthly competition
  • Post more recipes
  • Find more money saving tips
  • Be more social on Facebook and Twitter
  • Add more personal things, so more of me comes through instead of the money saving side.
What are your resolutions for 2015? 

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