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Monday, 5 January 2015

The back to school blues!

Well thats it, Christmas is now officially over.. well it is tomorrow if you celebrate the official 12 days of Christmas. For me it is pretty much a waiting game, from the second the last present is open to the day the kids go back to school. I am champing at the bit to get our tree put away and the decorations down, finish the Christmas food and just go back to normality. Its exciting for the kids. They have all these new things to play with and for them its a little break from school. Hubby still had to work so we couldn't go anywhere as a family or do much together. I done what i could but it wasn't the same. He has a week off in February so we will do something then. 

Like a good chunk of the UK, my youngest went back to school this morning and this happened!....

Yep, full on back to school paddy! Screaming, telling me i'm horrible! She hates school and don't want to go back. The truth is she loves school. Even when she is ill she is getting me up to take her. However after 3 weeks off school she was settled into a new routine and didn't want anything to change. I have often said the half terms are too long. 3 weeks solid off is alot to a child like little K. She likes routine and she likes that her days are pretty much the same. She knows what time things happen and she is comfortable. Being the holidays though, she was allowed to stay up a little later and i was more lenient with allowing them use of the TV and the computer. While she understands the difference, it didn't make preparing her for her school routine any easier. 

From the 2nd January, i started reducing their bedtimes, their TV time and organizing their school clothes. Despite all this i still found this morning a huge battle. Her boots mysteriously went missing from the shoe rack, her jumper grew a hole in the sleeve and her coat apparently does not fit. By the time we got near the front door, she had worked herself up so much that i had no choice but to sit her down and allow her to take it all in. She couldn't go to school like that and after persuading her to go to school, i found myself panicking and phoning the school when i got home to make sure she was ok. I knew she was of course, but it was horrible seeing her work herself up to that point. She is 8 years old so not little any more, and just as i did when she done this in nursery, i found myself feeling guilty. 

I have all this to face again in a few weeks time. Half term is the end of February, then they have just 6 weeks of school then they are off for another 2 weeks for Easter! I understand that half terms break school up. I love having them home, i do not see enough of them now they out for 6 hours a day but even for children who do not have learning difficulties, some find the transition between "off school" to "in school" hard. The 6 weeks holidays are by far the worst, with almost 7 weeks straight off school! There is no simple answer and it is impossible to please everyone. I wouldnt want to see an extra week added to the half term weeks to shorten the 6 weeks holiday. All i can do is go along with it and hope that as she gets older, she finds it easier :/ 

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