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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

No waste: Turn a tub into a pencil pot

Quite an obvious craft this one. My kids have been known to paint tubs in school to bring home to me. I seem to collecting tubs, toilet roll tubes and bits of wool. I am sure i have some amazing project in mind when i do but i can never remember what it is. Christmas didn't help, i ended up with even more tubs!

Before Christmas i received some nib nibs, i won from another blog. I wont go into much detail, all i will say is they are yummy! As part of my no waste aim i wanted to find a use for all the items i had been collecting. I am in the process of decorating big K's bedroom so i decided to join the 2 together and make her some room accessories.

Take some wool and an old tub. You will also need a glue gun. 

Glue one end of the wool to the outside of the tin and start wrapping wool around it. It needs to be quite tight so squidge it down.

I wanted some decoration on the tin so i crocheted a quick rose. 

Mine is pretty right round the edges but they are easy to make. I found a really easy to follow video on youtube which is perfect for beginners.


Here is the finished product. A new pencil pot for big K for free :) 

These can easily be covered in both fabric and paper. Great for kids crafts if your stuck for ideas, cheap and very easy. As i have quite a few tubs i am tempted to make a few more for money pots :) 


  1. My Grandaughter age 5 loves to do things like this. This is a nice easy one for her to try. Will definitely be doing this with her at the weekend.

  2. That's a brilliant idea, aren't the NibNibs so morish!




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