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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Make your own wool dryer balls.

I rarely use my tumble dryer due to the cost but sometimes its a necessity. I use dryer sheets normally then started making my own but last week i realised i had run out and needed to get some clothes dried on the quick. I come across this and after trying it i had to share it! I wont be going back to dryer sheets anytime soon. 

Picture and instructions by One Good Thing By Jillee

Made quite simply out of wool and a pair of old tights they are cheaper than shop brought. Not only that, but as Jillee points out, you can fragrance them by adding a few drops of oil, so your clothes smell lovely too. 

What are dryer balls? 

Quite simply they are little balls, usually made out of plastic, which help reduce drying time by separating the clothing that is in the tumble dryer. The more balls that are added, the faster the clothes will dry. 

They can help reduce the fluff residue on some clothes, the lint and static sometimes left behind and soften clothes. This means no need for fabric softener so you can add to the savings your are making. As well as all this, the softening and drying method makes ironing clothes so much easier. Alot of items may not need to be ironed past being hung up from the dryer. 

They are super easy to make but i wont steal Jillee's thunder. 

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