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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Kurio Phone: From the eyes of a 12 year old!

Do you remember we were lucky enough to be invited to be #KurioFamilyBloggers? In December we were offered to test the new Kurio Phone - A safe smartphone designed for kids. I mentioned that there was features which appealed to me as a parent and how excited big K was at having a mobile, i did not constantly nag her about!

You can read my initial thoughts about the phone by clicking here.

It has been nearly a month now since the phone arrived and during that time, big K has jumped right in to test out every feature the phone offers! As the Kurio Phone is designed for and aimed at kids. we thought it would be fantastic to give you her perspective on it. I asked her 5 questions.

Have you enjoyed using the new Kurio Phone? 

Yes. because it is more better than my old phone. My old phone was slower and i couldn't download alot of stuff on it. This phone has more room for my games and music and the internet is faster. It also has a really good signal.

What is your favourite thing about the Kurio Phone?

On the internet i can find out stuff i couldn't on my old phone. There is google play so i can get lots of cool apps and games. The best thing is the camera is really good, I take lots of selfies and photos and like to record videos. I could not do this one my old phone as it had no space to save them.

Is it easy to use compared to other phones? 

Yes, it is more easier to use. It is bigger and not very heavy so it fits in my pocket without falling out. It has curved edges instead of sharp ones so it is easier to hold. It has a touch screen which acts quickly by just swiping my fingers on it and pressing really lightly.

What have your friends said about the Kurio Phone? 

They said it looks cool and they wondered where i got it as they have not seen it. They said that they wanted to ask their mums if they can buy them one and like to listen to the music i have saved on it.

Is there anything that you think needs to be added or improved? 

Sometimes when i use the internet it says that the website is blocked which is annoying. Mum says that is ok that is normal. But that is it really. I wouldn't change much as it is a really cool phone.

(My bad, i haven't told her that there is parental controls on there! As you can tell, these work perfectly!)

Please excuse the crackle. My phone is shocking at recording and 'bluffers' alot :D

I do not have much else to add to what i did on my first review. A month on i still feel comfortable with her using a mobile and happy to leave her be to feel grown up. The parental controls were and still are the selling point for me. The other features i mentioned before proved to be equally invaluable! So one month on would i recommend this phone? Yes i would. Big K is safetly using a mobile without me hanging over her shoulder, watching her every click! The arguments have stopped as i am no longer nagging her and she feels grown up and independent. Happy mummy and happy big K :)

The Kurio Phone is available to buy now from select places. It is currently on offer on Amazon

Or available for £129.99 in Toys R Us 

To stay up to date with the latest news, join Kurio on Facebook or Twitter. 

*This product was sent to us to review. All opinions are our own*

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