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Friday, 23 January 2015

Housework no longer needs to be such a chore!

I remember before i had my children, i was a teeny bit of a clean freak! Everything had a place, i was organised and consistent with the house work. I became a mum at 17 but i made it a priority to always help my mum with chores, she did after all spend 17 years raising me and my siblings. I started studying my A levels, took on a part time job and threw myself into being a mum and within a few months i noticed i was becoming lazier. My time was precious, i wanted to be playing with my daughter, i wanted her to see her mums face and bond with her. Not clean all the time. Studying and working alongside sleepless nights took its toll. I would sit up till 6am daily to do my coursework, grab 4 hours sleep a night before big K woke up and the same things that happened yesterday began again! When i was 21 little K was born and i naively thought it would be just as easy. Little K was difficult, she screamed all the time and i was back to living on 2 hours sleep a night. Only this time big K was in nursery. I lost my whole routine, and as a result of some bad experiences happening around that time, i sunk into a deep depression i have never fully recovered from. I made sure the kids were clean and fed, dirty nappies were never left on the floor but i was disorganized, the carpets were getting stained and i was moody, taking it out on those around me including the children. In short i gave up. 

Now fast forward 9 years. Little K is 8 and big K is 12. I will be honest, nothing has changed. I am no longer a single mum, i have my hubby who is at times fantastic at kicking me up the butt. My routine however is shot! Its gone...poof.... disappeared. Its abandoned me for so long now i have no clue where to start and spend my days wandering around the house moving things from one room to another. The stairs are always cluttered with items i intend to take upstairs and you may as well bring you're own chair should you pop by as you will not find a seat without clothes on it in this house. I have tried various things. Do one room at a time, baby steps, just doing the basics. The truth is there is 3 other people in this house and i can not do it alone. My kids are far from naughty, they will help when nagged enough but i shouldn't have to do that. I would love nothing more than 1 day where i do not have to repeat myself 100 times in order to get some help with a simple task. I do use that excuse more than i should though. The actual cold hard truth is i am lazy. I like a little mess. If i wanted a show home i most defiantly would not have had children. I take my hats off to the mums who can have a spotless home when they have young children, i envy you all and wish i could be better at being a housewife. 

When 2015 approached i made a deal with myself that this messy house would be no more and have spent a long time forcing myself to find a routine that works. It has been a long and hard slog but after 6 weeks i am getting there. 

Only one problem now exists though! I am tired! I mean really tired, ready to drop off to sleep exhausted! This is me come 8pm!....

Things of course had to change and fast! This wasn't do me any good mentally and the kids had to relearn the responsibility i taught them years before. I convinced myself that it was my laziness which have made them this way. Looking back though, despite appearing lazy the kids never saw me not clean, or cook. They had clean and ironed uniform each week, strict bath times and bedtimes and a hot meal daily. If i went upstairs, i would clean something, it i went into the kitchen i would clean something. They saw me busy. 

I started making lists and ticking the tasks off one by one. I quickly noticed that i was leaving things. "ill do them tomorrow" yet tomorrow would never come! Then i was told about an app which simplifies the housework, helps you get into a routine and motivates you at the same time. It sounded just what i needed so i quickly downloaded it and put it to work. 

Love Cleaning House is an android app designed to simplify your essential tasks into a fun and easy way of completing them. While this is not suitable to everyone's household, it does cover the basics and would help build a very quick routine to get some essential tasks covered without the fluster of running room to room wondering what bit to start first! 

The app has 6 sections as shown above. Each one gives various tasks which are easily completed within the time frame stated (assuming there is no distractions) I like to use the Super Sparkle 2 hour part. 

The wording is clear and is written in a fun friendly way. Its easy to understand and no job given is too much effort. Basic jobs include, washing up, loading the washing machine and grabbing the items which need putting in the correct homes. 

At the end of each task is a colourful looking bird and a motivational message. Simply click on the bird to move on to the next task. 

I like this app as it is straightforward. While it does not include things like mopping the floors and hoovering, the very basic chores are things i should be doing daily anyway. I do plan on adding extra things to my chore list after i have completed the checklist for the day but have found that routine wise i am finding things easier. As the days have gone on i am memorizing the checklist which i suppose is the point in the app. It is not a long term solution or indeed something you could use long term as a digital routine but is great for getting a easy routine started. 

Do you have a household routine? How do you manage your housework? Are you one of those parents with a show home that i envy so much? I would love to know how you all simplify your daily chores. 

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  1. I dont have kids on my own and I'm still a bit of a clean freak like you were, I've had such a good laugh when I saw these pics :)) This seems to be a great app, I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing x




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