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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Freebie: Save money on your water usage.

All water companies have a selection of water saving tips on their website. Most are very basic well known tips - use washing up water to water plants, do not leave the tap running when brushing your teeth. I have been discussing saving money on our water usage with some friends and one mentioned that United Utilities have some free items in their shop which are intended to save money on water usage. 

From what i gather, this freebie is aimed at United Utility customers, so if you are a customer they will send you this pack no problem. If you are not a customer, you can still order but they may wish to review your order and phone or email you before hand. 

I received a similar pack some time ago from my current supplier and admit they have made a little difference. 

Here is some of the free items:

Tap Aerator Kit - Attach to your taps to regulate and aerate the flow of water reducing the flow by up to 70%. This was included in the pack that i received (although i was given 1 not 2) and it has made a big difference to the amount of water we do use and to our bill at the end of the year. The water tastes nicer too i think. 
Save - A - Flush - With 4 people in my house, this would have been a welcome addition to my water saving pack. Quite simply, the save -a- flush is a bag which is fitted into your cistern and reduces the amount of water used every time you flush the loo. The description says it can save 5000 litres a year! The save - a -flush is not suitable for duel flush/ low flush toilets however. 

Four Minute Shower Timer - Showers are definitely the one thing which contributes mostly to my water bill. This little handy timer has become a game in our house and quite simply just times your showers to 4 minutes each time. United Utilities suggest this could save the average 4 person household £120 a year if on a metre. 

ShowerSave - Quite simply the showersave attaches to your shower to regulate the water flow and reduce how much water is used per shower to 8 litres a minute. It is not suitable at all for both electric and power showers. 

2 Minute Toothy Timer - There is other animals available and this is obviously aimed at children and not adults (we can of course find this amusing too though!) It quite simply teaches children the importance of brushing their teeth daily and turning the tap off while brushing their teeth. Doing so can save 12 litres of water per child each time the brush their teeth. 

The store contains other items which you can also purchase, also designed to save water and money. 

There is also some other water saving packs which may be more suitable. 

The offer is only valid for one per household. 

It is also worth looking at your own suppliers website to see if they have any water saving packs or tips of their own. 

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