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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

100 meals for £200 introduction

I've set myself a challenge. Its an unbelievably huge one but i think i can do it. Now Christmas is over and the kids are back at school i no longer have anything to occupy me. I am struggling to get back into a routine, i am sleeping at the wrong times and i am generally in a cant be bothered mood. I know whats happening i'm deflating so i need to pick myself back up.

As i have mentioned before, 2015 will be very expensive for us and one of my goals was to make freezer meals. My time at the moment is just as precious as our money but i did not want to compromise on healthy home cooked food instead of relying on boxes in the freezer.

So here is my challenge:

  • I am aiming for 3 months worth of meals - dinners or lunches for just £200. with an extra £50 spending allowance. 
  • This will not include any of my basic staple ingredients, or fresh items i need to buy weekly. 
  • Most of it will be freezable and be enough to feed a family of 4 a reasonable sized portion. (If you are big eaters you may have to adjust the amount)
  • As much as i can help it, nothing is reduced in price so that others can easily grab items to make this too. 
  • There will be a selection of Vegetarian and meat recipes. I am afraid we are not a Gluten free family, i have no idea how to even begin making recipes for them. 
  • All recipes are those i have found in books or off the internet that i have adapted to suit my budget. 
  • It will mostly consist of budget branded food from a variety of supermarkets. 
Mammoth challenge right? Of course if i linked up 100 recipes the post would be HUGE! So i'm breaking it down into weekly installments. This is about 1 weeks worth for £25 a week. 

My staple items i buy weekly are not included unless its part of the meal or extras, These are: 
  • Fruit
  • Salad
  • Vegetables - for serving alongside a meal - if its in the recipe its included
  • Toiletries
  • Cleaning products
  • Packed lunch foods - unless made from home
  • Pet food
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurts - unless on the meal plan
  • Butter 
  • Sandwich fillings and spreads.
My budget for this each week is £15 but i will try to add as much as i can into my batch cooking.

My shopping budget has moved up to £60 a week or £240 a month (£720 for 3 months). If all goes to plan this will save me about £420 a quarter, which amounts to nearly £1680 a year. This includes the budget for my staples each week. If i spend the maximum £15 on weekly staples my projected annual savings for groceries is £900. (my maths is terrible, do let me know if this is not correct :D)

Please note this challenge is based on a family of 4 - 2 adults a pre teen and a 8 year old. Please do feel free to adjust to your personal tastes and family size.

Keep check tomorrow for the 1st weeks meal plan. 


  1. This is amazing, I struggle with a weekly meal plan let alone manage to shop for so many meals. Look forward to reading more about your meals.




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