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Thursday, 29 January 2015

100 meals for £200: Week 1

You saw my introduction post, right? For those who didn't, here is the basics. I have set myself a challenge to make 100 meals for £200 or under (hopefully under) I have separated the plan into 12 weeks and am hoping to achieve a food shop (not including my staple basics) for £25 a week or less!

On my introduction post i listed my weekly staples. I have planned a whole 3 month shop! It was massive and i'm pleased to say, come out at under £200. Now i have to do something with it and hope it all goes to plan. The normal person can not store this much food, unless you have a couple of chest freezers, in which case i am insanely jealous of you! :) In order to avoid waste i have cooked it, bagged it and froze it. My menu plan for this week plus the recipes are here too and at the bottom of the post is the shopping list for the week :)

It will be a long post so grab a cuppa and some cake and enjoy :)

Week One 

I kept this week quite basic as i was using up items i had in my cupboards alongside what i had brought. This proved to be a brilliant move as i had tins gathering dust in the back of the cupboard from 2009 :O

Chunky Vegetable Soup 

This is great for using up vegetables. Throw in as much as you like there is no set amount. Chop into cubes to keep chunky.  Add lentils to give thickness or mushy peas. In fact if you google super speed soup (slimming world) there is lots of variations for this. This is just veg that i have on hand regularly.

I also batch cook my own rolls. You can view the recipe for Homemade cheese rolls here. I have since adapted the recipe and no longer use the packet yeast. A tub can be brought for around the same price in most supermarkets. I also no longer use sugar,it has no effected the taste. 

Pork Fajitas

Makes roughly enough for 8 wraps.

I make my own wraps, you can find the recipe by clicking here
To use simply pull out of the freezer and defrost (the peppers and onions can be cooked from frozen) 

Dukes Pudding

Serves 4 - can adjust to make a bigger or more portions.

This is a recipe my nan gave me from her wartime years, it reminds me of bread pudding but super easy to make and freezable. It will keep well in an airtight container for a few days though too. 

If wanted you could add some apple chunks into this or some chocolate powder to give a different flavour. I read a little bit about this recipe in an old book of my nan's and it mentioned using mincemeat around Christmas for a real Christmas feel. Jars of mincemeat are really cheap at the moment (if there is any left in stores!) so could be a great way to use them up. 

Homemade Tomato Soup

Passata could be used instead of tinned tomatoes. I just prefer tinned toms. Bacon or paprika could be added for an extra taste as well as herbs and spices. 

One of my favourite additional extras is chopped red onion, some peppers and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. This mix also makes a fantastic sauce base for spag bols, or pizzas. 

Remember to blend when cold then heat.

If no blender, you can thicken it up using small amounts of instant mash. 

Potato Gratin 

Now in case i do not come back to this blog tomorrow, i will let you in on a secret. If milk is required for a recipe i use dried skimmed milk, It tastes virtually the same and does the same job but costs pennies compared to £1's in the long run. My hubby has started reading everything i post so i know he will read this. To my hubby... my apologies! but it hasn't killed you yet :D 

A very basic white sauce also tastes great with this recipe. Keep an eye out tomorrow for a post about sauces. 

                        Homemade quiche 

This dish is one i make regularly. This is a photo of it uncooked. 

Go mental with this one, add fillings which take your fancy. 

Spicy Red Lentil Burgers 

Green lentils work just as well if this is all you have or can get hold of. 

Honey and lemon chicken 

I made this some time ago and wrote a post on it with the recipe.

Click here to see my Honey and Lemon Chicken Recipe 

Here is an easy egg fried rice recipe for both the slow cooker and the hob. All 3 meals are freezable 

Egg fried rice on the hob 

Egg Fried Rice in the slow cooker 

Vegetable Curry 

Makes roughly enough for 2 curry's but can easily adjust the amounts to batch cook more.

Ill be honest, i use the chunky vegetable soup as a curry too simply by adding curry powder to it. But i also make my own curry sauce and freeze that for a different flavour. This is actually a slimming world curry sauce but it goes down well in my house. I make a basic sauce and then just add whatever meat i have spare or veg. 

Label a freezer bag or a tub and pour in the amount you require to freeze. When i need it, i take a block out and place in the slow cooker to defrost. Once defrosted i add other ingredients then turn on to cook. 

Carrot Cookies (makes 12)

Carrots were used to sweeten food during the war when sugar was rationed. My nan made these often when i was younger and i now make them for my kids. It is a great way of getting some veggies into kids. 

Shopping List 

As you can see, its all very basic but have used up little of my budget. As i promised here is my shopping list for the week :D 

I must add... i do only shop in Tesco for meat. I will shop elsewhere for everything else but will not go anywhere else for meat. I have write down the prices that i paid at the time or would have but you may find items cheaper where you normally shop or if there is an offer going on. Many items i already had which i will note after. 

I already had 

  • Branflakes 
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Rice
  • Honey
  • Bacon
  • Red lentils
  • Mixed Dried Fruit
  • Passata
  • Baked beans
  • Leeks
My total spend was £26.47p! While i appreciate not everyone has all that in the house already, it is worth looking to see what you do have and working out a meal plan for the week using up that. 

My staple ingredients were: 
  • Cat food and litter - £7
  • Crisps x 12 - £1.47
  • Washing powder £14 (i will explain why below) 
  • Soda Crystals - £1
  • Butter - 50p
  • Toilet paper - £1
  • Shampoo & conditioner - £2
  • Lemon juice - 50p
  • White vinegar - 85p 
  • Teabags (240 tetley's Asda) £2.47
I brought a 90 wash box of washing powder. I would usually make my own but little K has had a reaction and we are not 100% sure if it was the soap we used so have stopped in the mean time to rule it out. By adding soda crystals to the powder i can double the quantity, making it 180 washes. Enough for the 3 months of normal washing. Saving me money in the long run. 

Total spend was £57.26p but i have items already for next week and beyond. 
  • Onions,
  • Carrots
  • Washing powder
  • Tea bags
  • Mixed dry fruit
  • Cereal
  • Potatoes
  • 1/2 cheese
  • 1/2 pork shoulder
  • 8 sausages
  • Honey
  • Dried Milk
  • Veg stock cubes
  • Peppers
  • Lentils
Out of all the above i already have 3 dinners sorted for next week. 

I plan to add a new week each monday so be sure to pop back and see what we will make for week 2! 

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